Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) Wi-Fi Tablets

I twisted my arm to buy one. Let’s see how it goes.

In that case, I’m in for two more, drop shipping as gifts! I’m trusting you here!

I got one of these last time and it works well, got the Google Play store installed no problem, etc. I confess I rarely use it, but for $30 figured I’d grab one. I think the 2016 model has the gyroscope whereas the 2017 model does not, so even a better deal if you need/want that. Tangent: I also grabbed a Fire 7 when it was $15, and for anyone considering that ultra-budget price point, definitely go with the HD 8. I can’t stand to look at the 7.

Can I activate these in Canada (with my Prime account?) or will the OS freak out/break?

I can ship to a relative in USA and then pick them up, but I’m not sure if the device is tied to at all or if the OS supports both…? Any ideas?

Can the tablet be activated in Canada

I bought one of these from Woot last November and have been very happy with it. Yes, it has Alexa and no, I’ve had no problems whatsoever. Registered right away with Amazon and if I’m in the mood, I can sit out on my deck and watch a Prime movie.
I’m tempted to buy a second one now, “just in case”. Definitely worth (more than) $30.

The newest models can take up to a 256 GB microSDXC card, these models max out at 200 GB.

I bought one at the same price late last year. A very good deal on a fine tablet. My only issue … and a minor one … is that of the four tablets that I have, (different brands / models) this one is the worse one for finger smudges and it takes some effort to clean them off!


Bummer, was looking for a tablet for the car.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think any wi-fi-only Fire HD has GPS. That said, the couple times I’ve pulled up GPS maps with mine, it’s had an accurate location, although that’s obviously dependent on wi-fi. (I wonder if it would be accurate if tethered to your phone? Hmm.)

I’m having the same issue with the Fire HDX 7" that I received today from Woot. I’ve been trying to get it to activate for the past 5 hours no luck. I has been installing updates all night, so I;m hoping once it’s all finished, I’ll be able to get it going. I’ll update once I figure out the fix for this-I’ll be back

I live in Canada, albeit close to the border, but have experienced no problems

I’ve bought my share of these from Woot (some Kindles too) and these are the best tablets I’ve used. I can write with a decent app and record audio in a pinch.

Although this isn’t GPS, if you tweak the HD Fire 8 to access the Google Play Store, this app is awesome for maps with GPS or if offline.

Here WeGo - Offline Maps and GPS. Once installed, download the maps for the region of the world you will be in. My daughters, while in Guatemala, used this app. It even showed dirt roads in the countryside!

Once you download maps, you can still access them without WiFi or GPS, then its like an electronic paper map. If you are traveling in a unfamiliar area, you can use it to find you way, reading it like a map. You can still input locations and it will plot a course, but you will need to look at it and the street signs to track you’re location.

I thought by now Woot would have a mess of the 2017 version of the Fire HD 8’s (from the big holiday sales) to be sold off.

I know this is late, but to clarify, a lot of devices specify 200GB because that’s all that was being made when they did the testing, hence that was all they could test up to. Now 256GB cards are being made, and manufacturers have now tested their devices with them.

Most of the time the device is the same, just not tested to the higher capacity. In this case, we know that the processor, SOC chip, GPU, Android OS version, Fire OS version, and memory are all the same.

It’s also often the case with devices rated for 128GB; most of the time if the device supports SDXC, it will support any SDXC card. Though sometimes the older devices have software/firmware limitations that cause problems, this is usually with limited-function devices like cameras that don’t get regular updates.

Edit: Spec source:

Do these come with a charging wall wart?

mine came with a tablet and wire… no wart!

what is the input voltage and mah rating?
when I used my nexus charger, it takes all night to charge it to 100%.

did I get a lemon?

These do not come with the wall adapter.

Most tablets need 2 amps for charging. Most phones use 1 amp.

Here’s one of many wall charger for the Fire HD 8

I just got mine and according to Amazon, you know the company that ‘Refurbished’ these tablets, it is registered as ‘LOST/STOLEN’.

Do I go to the FBI to report WOOT selling possible STOLEN property? Or is this more of a local police issue? Am I in trouble for receive possible STOLEN property?

How did these tablets, according to Woot, get refurbed by an “Amazon Technician” and not get flagged as “STOLEN/LOST”?

I’ve been a Wooter since 1999, now showing 2006 when AMAZON PURCHASED WOOT BUT WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THAT WOOT IS PART OF AMAZON, and this is first time I’m been really disappointed, and possibly a criminal.

Since this is reported “LOST/STOLEN” can I ship it back or will I be sending possible STOLEN property across state lines?

Woot, what do I do?

You’re not a criminal. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, a few of those slip through. I’m not sure why though.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.