Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) Wi-Fi Tablets

Is this the same tablet I just paid $50 for on Monday from Amazon? New of course, but Amazon refurbs are usually really good.

Looks like this one is 6th gen. The latest is 7th gen. See:

No Show Mode for 6th Gen!

“Important: Show Mode is compatible with 7th Generation Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets. No other tablets are supported at this time. Your tablet must have software update or later for Show Mode to work.”

Looks like same hardware. If I didnt already have it home, I would cancel the order and buy this. Not sure $20 is worth the effort to return, and I worry about amazon returns. Since they seem to ban people if they return too many items. haha

It’s the 2016, which is the previous version. I just got this one from Woot that I ordered last week. Great shape for a refurb, no issues at all. Just finished updating it to, so no “Show” but I don’t even know what that is so doesn’t bother me. Just put Google Play on it and will be installing an Android launcher next just to get rid of some of the Amazon bloatware on the home screen. Great purchase for $30-$40.

HATE Alexa being on it, but killing the microphone and camera will render her spying ass nearly inert. Anything that monitors, records and transmits 24/7 if connected can’t be good. Another reason why the mobile phones stay in a mobile vehicle.

Alexa can’t listen to you 24/7 on this, as the 6th Gen doesn’t have hands-free Alexa. It’s necessary to hold down the center screen button to talk to Alexa on these.

Anyone else having problems getting the device to register to Amazon aacount?

Called Amazon customer service regarding registration issue. Gave serial number. Was told the device had been black listed by Amazon for being either stolen or lost. So, if you have this registration problem, give them a call to verify the serial number is a working device. Sent woot CS a message and requested a return authorization. UPDATE: Woot CS comes thru in an epic win by sending a replacement. I’m so happy right now. Thank you woot gods! I am not worthy.

When did the refurbished Fire 8 HD 2016 Tablets sell out and will you have any more soon?

I have ordered 4 Kindles (including one new one) through Woot and I have had to contact Amazon customer service to get them activated every time.