Amazon Fire HD 8" (2017) Wi-Fi Tablets

Amazon Fire HD 8" (2017) Wi-Fi Tablets

I checked earlier in the week and this same deal was one of the lower deals in Computers and all the 16GB models ($39.99) were sold out.

Now it’s a featured deal in computers, but guess what? There are still no $39.99 models available.

It seems questionable to me to feature these tablets ($39.99 - $59.99) when from what I can tell there haven’t been any $39.99 models for a while.

They used to have some $19.95 models of Kindles/Fires. I guess we have to wait until somebody opens an unmarked cardboard box at Amazon as says, “Oh crud, I found MORE of these!” :wink:

There were some but they sold out first.

I bought the Amazon certified version of this about 10 months ago. Used it every day. It’s a little laggy but I was ok with that based on the price. And was happy with it.

This past week the screen has frozen on me. It turns on but the screen is not responsive at all. Tried re-booting. Didn’t work. As one can imagine, I’m not a fan of this product right now.