Amazon Fire HD 8" (2017) Wi-Fi Tablets

Amazon Fire HD 8" (2017) Wi-Fi Tablets

Is this with ads, or ad-free?

This is with the ads, but those ads are only on sign on screens, and never intrude into either your reading of anything else you do with the Fire. I find that the Fire fills all of my needs, at a much lower price point and much better tablets than anything else I use, and I have over 30 tablets, mainly because I can fix them, and so I receive non working ones free.

Sorry, where does it say that it is with ads? I can’t find anywhere in the description that it has ads.

Our Amazon tablets will always be with ads. You can pay a bit to turn them off if you want. Most people say they don’t intrude.

The Fire HD 8 (2018) I bought on Woot required removing the back to root. The 2017 version can be rooted without opening.

Is this the one that I’ve heard so much bad stuff about? I’ve heard that that the HD 8 was terribly slow and buggy, and that it froze and crashed a lot, and that’s why there have been a lot of returns on them.

Anything you hear on the Internet is distorted. When you filter out “unrealistic expectations” from gamers, newbies and tech-heads (who want to modify something), you are left with just plain users who seem to like most Fire products.

I see the exact same thing with camera reviews.

Mostly good, but for unknown reasons it can’t/won’t run Disney+. It starts loading, then crashes every time. I’ve tried contacting Amazon, but they say it’s a Disney problem. I’ve tried contacting Disney, but they say it’s an Amazon problem. I then tried adding the Google Play Store (it’s like four downloads and is NOT hard) and went to install it that way. The Google Play Store tells me that my hardware is “no longer” compatible with the app and it cannot be installed. I have a 2015 base model 7-inch Fire that can handle the install of Disney+, but this newer and better model of Fire is not compatible? WTF, people. Someone please take ownership of this problem and fix it.