Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) 32GB Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) 32GB Tablet

When I add the tablet and charger to checkout with Amazon payment the $9 is not credited before submitting order. Is there a code to receive the $9?

I tested it and it works. Were you prompted to confirm your shipping address? The benefit shows up after you confirm your shipping address. Hope this helps!

Can you pay to remove ads?

Fix your copy write up. Is it 16Gb or 32Gb? 256Gb or 400Gb?

No more worrying about storage space
With 2x more internal storage than Fire 7, Fire HD 8 comes standard with 16GB. Expand your tablet’s storage by up to 256 GB using a microSD card,

Yes, you can.

What’s the nice word?

That’s standard copy from amazon, the tablets come “standard with”… Ours is 32GB. I updated the paragraph just for you though.


Battery life and speed of this model is really good even after the Amazon forced software upgrade to FireOS 7.3. I’d have to admit the gap between this model and the current HD 8(2Ghz & 2GB RAM) is very small unless you really browse heavily enough with lots of browser tabs that 1.5GB of memory is used up.

From owning a 2018 model I’d recommend using either SanDisk Ultra or Samsung Evo Plus SDXC cards if you plan to run applications/games off expanded storage or use the offline video support by Amazon Prime Video or Netflix as those cards are reliable for that. Cheaper cards are prone to making these Kindles randomly reboot, if you’re lucky most Kindle Fire models will warn you of a slow SD card. Amazon does sell their own Kindle certified SanDisk cards, if I recall they may have some slight firmware tweaks for tablet specific usage.

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Hey, you’re not doing me any favors.

What’s the nice words for your customers bringing to your attention the sloppy write-ups, incorrect product descriptions and massive amounts of errors?

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Whew! You helped me dodge a bullet there. I thought Amazon tablets were at least mediocre, but you’ve explained in the quote below how bad they are - thank you! If Woot doesn’t like Fire tabs, then they must be pretty bad.

“What good is an Amazon Fire tablet without a dock? NOT GOOD AT ALL.”

This was what I found to be the case as well; I bought one of these 2018 models in October and have been pleasantly surprised. It (and the other Fire 8 & 10 tablets I have from the 2017-2020 generations) work well enough with solid build quality, and even though the 8" ones are only HD resolution, they still look OK, especially for the price. I was particularly impressed with the audio output on this HD 8; it’s loud and clear, versus a similar cheap 8" Android tablet that I bought from Walmart (the 10" tablets have even better speakers than 8" tablets.)

The thing that really makes these Fire tablets worth it, though, is installing the Google Play Store so you can get Google apps like Youtube and every other regular Android app that isn’t in Amazon’s store. Once you have that done you can use these things just like a regular Android device and ignore the Amazon-specific stuff. In my experience, for these newer tablets (I think Fire OS 5+?) I couldn’t get the manual method to work of installing the 4 Google-specific APKs from a repository, but the Amazon Fire Toolbox installed to a PC worked perfectly.