Amazon Fire HD 8" (2018) 32GB Tablets

Amazon Fire HD 8" (2018) 32GB Tablets

These are on sale at Amazon for $49.99, also refurbished. 10% coupon as well at checkout!

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Do you have a link? It appears that Amazon has the refurb 16 gig version for $49.99, but the 32 gig (the version Woot is selling) is $79.99.

Are these with or without Special Offers on the lock screen? Hate those things.

The Amazon version for $49.99 is for 16g gb with ads, this is the better deal unless you wait for Prime Day

yes, comes with ADS galore! I was told you can pay Amazon to remove the ads on the 7" version by a staff.

These are nice little tablets…assuming they’re in relatively good condition. With software updates you can turn it into a nice little Amazon Show…with the all the functionality of a Fire tablet as well. All you need is a stand and pairing with a good Bluetooth speaker to make up for the onboard speakers in the real Amazon Show. It will work in “Show” mode only while plugged in to power.

So, are these things loaded with popup ads???

Just got one, ordered on Monday, where sale started. I had ordered here at $ 59. and they emailed me back and refunded $10.00 Neat !

In brown box, with cable, but no charger. It is 32 GB in like new condition. I couldn’t tell it wasn’t new.
No ADS on this one. Lots more stuff than my older 2016 version.

Turned mine on to Show mode with out plugged in to power.

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What deals are expected on Prime Day?

Here are the deals to expect on Prime Day!

Yeeeeeeah, I guess I was just wondering what deals Pabloagarcia was hinting at.

Haha, unless he works for Amazon, he probably was just speculating, but Amazon does tend to discount some of their devices on Prime Day. How much though is up to them…

Hey, that looks just like the Woot forums every half hour during B0C Day.

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Not hard to tell that Amazon owns WOOT. Look at the length of the product description. I will say this. Do pay the extra bucks for a tablet without the ads. It is worth every penny.

I just wanted to say thanks for sending me a tablet that was designated lost/stolen to Amazon. I spent 2 days trying to diagnose why it would not register with my account or create a new account. Contacted Amazon support to find out it was reported stolen. You would think a Amazon owned company would not sell stolen goods on a product they make.


Refurbished reported stollen…that’s classic hahaha!! Not laughing at your expense. Quite the opposite. You almost have to wonder if someone returned it on someone else’s "behalf " and didn’t tell them. Or thought they would be cute and report it stolen while returning it. Either way I hope they track the person down. If it was stolen, they should have to send in a police report or get RIP from Amazon. Good luck!

My unit included the charger (and cable). In fact, it appeared to be a new one, as it had the protective plastic wrapped around it.

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The one I received has no sign of any ads (nothing on the lockscreen). The unit I received presented itself as a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, although it lacked the usual case that model comes with. I couldn’t get in without setting up a kids profile, but after that, I was able to switch to the adult profile, delete the kid’s profile and shut off Freetime. I also went into my Amazon account and turned off auto-renew for the free one year sub that comes with that tablet.

I can’t guarantee anyone ordering will receive the same edition I did, but in case you do, don’t panic. It is possible to get it back to functioning as a “normal” Fire HD 8. Also, don’t forget if you don’t find a way around that screen that subscribes you to Freetime (I didn’t), don’t forget to go into the subscriptions in your account and turn it off to avoid a surprise charge a year later.

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The unit I received from this offer from Woot! (for the 32 GB 2018 Fire HD 8) had no ads (and I confirmed it shows as unsubscribed to Special Offers in my Amazon device settings). That said, as I noted in another message, it was also a Kid’s Edition, which as I understand it never come with Special Offers (the lockscreen ads). I don’t know for certain that everyone ordering will receive the same.

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