Amazon Fire HDX 8.9" Wi-Fi Tablets

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Amazon Fire HDX 8.9" Wi-Fi Tablets
Price: $109.99 - 129.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Oct 09 to Thursday, Oct 12) + transit
Condition: Amazon Certified Refurbished


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9/7/2017 - $119.99 - 139.9
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7/26/2017 - $152.99 (Woot Plus)
7/26/2017 - $152.99 (Woot Plus)

Still looks over priced considering the new 10" tablets will come out this month with handsfree Alexa that always listens to you.

Are these “with special offers”?

I could take or leave Alexa.

My issue with these is the same it has always been - the lack of removable storage. This one has great performance and is incredibly light compared to the upcoming 10. I’ve always wanted to try one of these HDX 8.9 tablets out for a few days. But for the long term, I don’t see it being viable. Half of what I’ve done on my $50 Fire HD 8 has been reading graphic novels. They’re anywhere from 100mb to 400mb each. I can’t imagine constantly having to delete a volume I’ve just read from a tablet just to add a few new ones, when on an HD 10 I could keep my entire library on a 128gb SD.

Even my 4-year-old’s Fire 7 2015 Kids Edition constantly gets filled - some of those twenty-page kids books download at 100mb or more. I’ve had to upgrade him from a 16gb to a 32gb SD card, and just ordered a 64gb for him last night.

Despite what most of the tech giants want their customers to believe, the cloud isn’t all things to everybody yet. I know Amazon will never admit to it… but I’ve always suspected the lackluster sales of tablets like the HD6 and the HDX range wasn’t due to their relatively high price points - but because of their lack of expandable storage.

I had one of these until two months ago when my daughter accidentally left it on top of the car. I much prefer it over the new ones, it has great sound, decent performance and good screen quality. My new one has really crappy sound, and so-so performance. If they where a bit less expensive, I would trade “down” and get this and give my new one to one of the kids.

These keep dropping in price. I think this is a very good value at this price point. I bought mine at $10 higher and have no qualms, it is the best tablet I own (of 4. However the caveat being that these may be offered with limited support by amazon, updates and functionality can be impacted at any time. My Fire phone will no longer be able to utilize voice activation effective 11-1, simply because Amazon longer sees benefit in supporting a device it no longer sells.
Though I agree with the limited memory as being an issue, I think of it a small obstacle, so long as you are willing to actively manage your memory usage. The portability of most downloadable material is fairly flexible with more robust devices (options) like wi-fi hard-drive, laptop ower computer, the cloud and so on. It is an issue as it will slow you device (I highly recommend the extra $20 investment for the bonus 16gb), but with active management and awareness I don’t see it as a deal breaker.

OTG cables are cheap. Plug in a USB stick and off you go.

Got one last time and lovin’ it.

[Amazon Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet (Includes Special Offers), Full-HD 339ppi Touchscreen, 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, FireOS]

Been working my way up the Fire chain and bought into the idea that these are the last of the Fires with better components and performance. Possibly, but all I know is that it is fast, good WiFi and great screen it terms of response and looks.

Found a great Spec case on eB*y for $6 and a new (unused) Amazon wireless keyboard for $16.

Good mic quality and good sound, OK but not great camera.

TextmakerHD ($3.99 for full version) gives me a Word-like word processor. I don’t play games, but I do read on it, watch movies and listen to music.

OTG cables are about $3 and I can plug in a small sized thumbdrive to hold all kinds of files.

So happy I sold off my aging iPad2 and got this!

I believe this is also the last Fire tablet to output video via HDMI. You’ll need a Slimport adapter, though.

I found one on ebay. Search for “Slimport MyDP to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable”

Worked great.

“SlimPort enabled USB 2.0 (micro-B connector) port to connect to an HDTV or VGA monitor” Wow! Never saw this!

I get ebooks/audiobooks from local Public Libraries through Overdrive or Libby. They are free and only take up space until I’m done reading them. 16 GB would be fine for me. Just wondering if I need yet another electronic device.

So the end result is a tablet that weighs 14 oz and, I’m supposed to read on it with a dongle and a thumbdrive flopping around? That doesn’t make me want to buy this over the new 10 HD that weighs 18 oz but has an SD card inside the tablet.

I just hope WOOT actually SENDS me one this time…last time they sent me the SMALLER HDX…WHICH I ALREADY HAD!!!

Compare the specs, the non-HDX tablets are much inferior to the less expensive Fires. I don’t care about having Alexa on my Fire, I care about the video quality.

I bought a “refurbished” HDX 8.9 from Amazon but it had so many bad cosmetic signs of prior use, I returned it.

What matters most are the specs, especially video (PPI for example). The HDX 8.9 specs are far superior to the non-HDX Fires, I have compared them side by side, and it’s like night and day. Alexa doesn’t make up for that poor video. And my HDX 8.9’s all have 4G LTE.

I wish these had uSD card slots, but my 8.9’s all have 64GB of storage, and over 300 books downloaded on each. And I have a little 128GB USB device that has a wi-fi-output that I can connect my Fire to for more storage (I put video on that)…

You can love this tablet for the generous 2560x1600 display and a CPU/GPU which is faster than Amazon’s next generation of Kindle Fire tablets which will be released next week. My only unrealized with is a MicroSD card slot.

I do have some question and concern about the battery. This is the 2014 model. Does the battery have three years of age on it, and if so, how much risk is that to me?

This HDX Fire has vastly better video quality than any of the non-HDX Fires.