Amazon Fire HDX 8.9" Wi-Fi Tablets


Just a friendly buyer-beware message to fellow Wooters. I got one of these about 2 months ago. About 2 weeks ago, it got stuck on a bootloader screen. Amazon tech support walked me through a few things, but nothing worked.

Then they told me that they would not honor any 1-year warranty, only the original warranty from 2014 (which had expired long ago). I implored with them I purchased at Woot which stated a 1-year Amazon warranty but they still refused to honor it–even when I offered to send them a screenshot from Woot. I emailed Woot and they told me to talk to Amazon.

After a lot of calmly explaining the situation to Amazon, I finally had to ask for a supervisor. At long last, they relented and offered to swap the unit out—but they never referred to it as honoring a warranty.

Bottom line is that I had a major hassle with Amazon when my Fire went bad. They were adamant about not honoring any refurb warranty.

Thanks for letting us know. We are chasing up with Amazon CS. They are absolutely supposed to honor certified refurb warranties so you likely got someone who wasn’t aware of the certified refurb program. If you get these issues, please let us know.

What version of Fire OS does this come with?

Yes. This is an amazing Android tablet. It’s a reader, but it does a lot more. The screen resolution is beautiful. In my opinion, this tablet better than the new Fire tablets being sold. I got one of these in a prior sale, and paid more. But I don’t regret waiting. Great tablet at a great price.

Mine updated to Fire OS at some point after I got it.

This makes me sad.

(The part that they don’t include the charger, that is.)

I purchased one from Woot for less.
I have had many issues with it. Does not run some apps and it is very slow. Also netflix app will not allow me to download movies which works on my newer kindle fires. I would NOT buy a new one unless you need an HDMI port.

Since they DID let you know, and you told them they had to talk to Amazon instead… your feel-good advice seems pretty disingenuous.

That is indeed what happened. Let’s hope that if it happens again, Woot will go to bat for you (or me). Great tablet, by the way!

amazon really sucks then- cause they own Woot too. so amazon posts on woot that their tablets have a 1 year warranty and then don’t honor it?
the bigger/richer they get the worse their customer service gets