Amazon Fire TV (1st Generation)

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I’ve been considering one of these to sideload Kodi and addons. I know as Amazon pushes software updates these devices are more difficult to manipulate for those purposes. Would I have better luck with this older generation for those purposes?

You “side load” kodi now. No need to root the device. I have a 2nd gen and kodi is sideloaded.

Does this work with alexa?

How many tv’s can you watch or is just one

Just bought one of these, went to register my amazon account and it wouldn’t let me register, contacted amazon customer support and after about an hour of bad trouble shooting they told me the could not register the DSN number manually because it was purchased on Pretty bad from a customer service aspect. So buyer beware.

I’m very sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Is this product Jailbroken?

is this product jailbroken?



Is this product will be for sale again?

Probably? Maybe? Keep watching. We don’t plan our sales out very far in advance so I don’t know.