Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player (Open Box)

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player (Open Box)

@ThunderThighs, were these open box items the ones you were talking about? It looks like there were only 3 total of the open box Fire TV cubes… :frowning_face:
Hopefully they weren’t what you were referring to!

Thanks for your help.

yes and why was it directed to one state, i WANTED ONE OR TWO FOR MYSELF.

@eblackwo @wwsp

Open box items are sometimes very limited.

It’s happened to me sometimes too.

It happens. Good news is they’ll probably be back around.


Wow 28 bucks that’s an amazing price considering you can pay a hundred bucks right now on the mothership. at Best buy etc…

This was actually cheaper than a lot of the fire sticks.

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No. Looks like it was on the app this weekend:

Just realized that’s not the cube though. Sorry. I don’t see anything at the moment but we don’t schedule out very far in advance.


Aw man… I was looking out for it, but didn’t see it at all!

I am fine with a Fire TV stick OR cube…

I was also searching the forums to try and find it, but that Fire TV Stick never showed up?? Was that because it was app exclusive??

No, there was a forum. If you click the link above, you’ll see posts.