Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player with 2nd Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player with 2nd Alexa Voice Remote

I bought one of these a couple weeks ago to replace my 2nd gen Fire Tv (the flat box). I loved that thing but it was really starting to slow down on streaming apps. I have a 4k stick in the bedroom, but wanted the additional functionality this offered, though I’d been waiting for a Woot deal as I wasn’t looking to pay full price.

I’ve been very very pleased with it! Super snappy, looks nice, outputs look great in 4k, though only HDR10, not Dolby Vision. The IR blaster/universal remote functionality is actually quite useful. I can finally say Turn on the TV, and my AVR and TV turn right on. For $50, I’m very happy with this purchase!


By chance were you using WiFi on the stick and but now use ethernet on the Cube? I never got the ethernet adapter for my stick but have had occasional issues with the wifi dropping. Looking forward to plugging in with the Cube (plus all the other functionality!).

My 4k stick in the bedroom works completely fine, over wifi. The 2nd gen box I had did have an ethernet port like the Cube does, but I unfortunately don’t have a drop to my TV, and doing so would be a major pain. Next house!

The slowness on the box though was definitely a processing limitation. It was an issue moving between apps, opening apps, etc. Once streaming began I had no problems. Now with the Cube, everything is super snappy!! Enjoy! The setup for the universal functionality is very streamlined and much easier than my standalone Amazon IR blaster was.

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Sweet! Thanks!

Super happy to get one of these. Been wanting the extra storage for Kodi, the firestick pretty much uses nearly all it’s storage for temp files and cache.

Anyone have any helpful starters for this? I currently have a few Rokus, google home mini, smart lights and outlets. I should be able to intertwine these all together seamlessly, right? Is it an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection? Any assistance would be wonderful! Thanks!

It’s wifi or Ethernet to your network, and infrared to control your AV equipment. You may want to set up your smart lights for Alexa control in addition to Google, so you can use the Fire TV Cube to control them - most devices will work with both.

My smart speaker devices are Echos, since they cost less - relatively cheap right here. Except for my Google Wifi, since Amazon doesn’t yet have stuff at that quality and price point.