Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

I just purchased this, and although I logged in with my Prime Account, paid with my Prime CC, and did get my free shipping for being a Prime member (geez that a lot of "prime"s)… my actual sell price was only 50% off and not the advertised 55%.
I don’t know if I missed a step, but that 5% kind of makes a big difference considering the total amount of units that will be sold.

I’m seeing the same behavior. I was not logged in, I logged in with my Amazon account (via the button on the login page), and the price is still showing up as $59.99 in my cart (and when I go to check out as well).

I thought that was what I did initially, but to be safe, i logged back off, and logged in via “log in with amazon” button… then re-added the item as if I were to buy it again to have the price remain the same.

I haven’t cancelled my order, but should I?

I sent them a tweet just now about this… will let you know if they respond. It’s only $6 (for the Cube) but still

Note that, while the product is new, the remote is the prior version (without the tv controls). Not sure that matters to most.

What’s the model number of the product? I have a Fire Cube and am trying to figure out if this is a newer model.

same here. used the grey button and auto-redirect both times the same price …
update: cleared all my cookies logged back in, and still the same price…

I do not see the ‘add to cart’ button on this or the stick. It doesn’t say ‘sold out’.

You have to log in with an Amazon account with an active Prime subscription to purchase this. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing people might want to keep in mind - the Cube is not a full Echo; there are many features on the Echo that the Cube does not have, such as the ability to make a call, or send a message. It will also not connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.

Because of this, I still have to have an Echo Dot in the same room (specifically to make calls & send messages), and I had to rename one of them so they didn’t get confused with each other. :slight_smile:

You would think after a year that Amazon would have fixed this.

I logged in several times with Prime but no add to cart button…I’ll try again!

Got in! I’ve got the Dot, Spot, Show and Fire TV Cube. I bought the Cube on Woot for $49.00 maybe a month ago. Before I bought it I went to Amazon to see if my cable provider was listed and it was so I bought the Cube. Unfortunately my cable provider does NOT work with the Cube at this time so the Cube can switch to cable but I have to use my cable remote to change channels. It does, however, works with everything else. I was thinking of getting one for my parents but they have the same cable provider so maybe I will wait.


Odd, it works for me.

@ThunderThighs ?

My cable provider is Suddenlink. When I called Amazon to see why my cube wouldn’t change channels the tech stated that Suddenlink is not compatible even though it is on the compatible list. :angry:

Hi there. Try logging out of Woot first and then login with the Login with Amazon button.

Ditto; tried multiple browsers–cleared cache multiple times, even entered Woot without signing in AT ALL, logged in with Amazon Prime via the linked button, and still only see the 50% price all the way from cart to checkout.

This looks like the version with the older remote. No volume controls…

bad math

I appears someone at Woot doesn’t do math well. The discount was 50% and the price you see is the price you get. I’m very sorry for the confusion.

Now wife gets even more frustrated than she did with the remote, so she tells me and I tell Echo the translation

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