Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

We have like 3 of these left btw. If you’re still thinking about it, I’d hit “I Want One” pretty soon.

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Ummm pretty upset this sold out 4 days before the end of the sale. Want one at the sale price as a prime member…

They could always add more stock. They just did for the 4K Fire TV that sold out almost immediately when it went on sale initially.

It took an incredible amount of work (and some serious negotiating - huge props to the Vendor Manager on that!) to secure more inventory of that item and we only got more because it sold out so fast. With the Prime Exclusives, we do our best to secure enough inventory to last longer than our average Daily Deal, but we’re a flash sale site which means our inventory will always be limited and we will sell out of desirable items early. I was surprised the Cubes lasted as long as they did to be honest. I bought one myself a couple days ago! Great deal.

Same situation, and of course when attempting to resolve the issue with Woot…let’s just say the crickets are still chirping.
I really don’t care about the money on my end since we are only talking about a couple of dollars and my time is valuable as well as everybody else, it’s the principle of it all. Woot is guilty of this mistake clearly and when questioned about it in a polite professional tone, the arrogance of Woot’s internal culture rose to the top proving that they look at their customers as nothing more than a a NIC or just another IP address and not real people that when buying items offered it’s our dollars spent with Woot that infuses life into a company helping it grow and paying the salaries of the Cisco switchboard operators that allows them to go to the next Dungeons and Dragons death match. When you continue to ignore your customers or just completely lack the common business sense and the social skills the are required to maintain your customers and keep the LED’s flashing on your Cisco rack take notice when the flashing gets slower and slower and the company you hired to provide warehousing and logistics holds your merchandise as collateral for non payment of services and now the dreaded layoffs start…blame me, your customer that you ignored. So many choices available now and it’s so easy to see which one’s value their customers and Amazon is in my opinion the world champion of customer service doing whatever is necessary to keep you coming back and to think Woot is under the Amazon umbrella. Too bad for Woot…y’all are nothing more than Amazon’s dollar store and Bezos has med Woot his personal b…h. I gave Woot almost a year and made several purchases during that time when a quality product was offered and had 4 issues that I inquired about and never got a response. It is my sincerest wish that you continue to follow your current customer service model as well as your stated pricing practices but bumping the price up a couple of points thinking we wouldn’t notice, you can smell the red ink on your P&L’s prior to the small hidden final price increase of a popular product blowout.
One more thing to consider…Amazon ships the latest fire 4k cube with the second gen remote for $112.00…our deal…we got the first gen remote (No volume Control) which is a well documented problem child but the good news is we can buy the new remote separately for $29.00. A fifty percent savings? HAHAHAHA YEAH SURE THING! It was pitched during a conference call make them believe it’s half price, either we promote this product hard at a fifty percent discount or we implement a 50% RIF at the end of the quarter…
Good luck with your flea market mentality…I will laugh and not pity your personal demise when your homeless and talking about the glory days of selling the bag o crap while your picking through the dumpster looking for your next meal.

Well THAT escalated quickly…


Hi there @Skyjammin. I’m sorry for the lack of response. We take customer care seriously.

I’ve looked in the CS system by your username, email address, and three most recent orders. Unfortunately I can’t find any contact from you.

Could you please reach out to them again. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

well they are sold out and I see it was never resolved… NJ w00t

You need one of these if they go on sale again