Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Alexa - Always listening, whether your want it to or not…

Have two of these units. They work mostly well. Nice to see Woot is now clearly stating it is a previous generation unit. Last time that was not the case. I purchased a second gen remote from Amazon (w/volume control, mute, power). Amazon runs promos for the next gen unit at 79.99.

What is the difference between this Cube, and the newest generation?

It appears that all of the >specs are the same as the current one sold by Amazon EXCEPT the remote. This is a voice remote w/Alexa, and the newer one has the 2nd gen Alexa voice remote. It has add’l playback buttons and volume buttons.

If anyone has different/newer info, please respond :wink:

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Hey woot!,

I was really looking forward to having a new Fire TV Cube.

You’ll imagine my surprise when I saw a rather long and slender package on my doorstep when I arrived home today.

I thought to myself, “maybe there was an error and they accidentally packed a Fire TV Stick instead.”

Nope. It’s literally a package that contains two air filter. I think it’s for a car given its dimensions, but it could be for something else. I don’t know. It’s a Hayward (genuine parts) air filter.

I wonder if they support 4K HDR… :thinking:

Anyway, congratulations to whoever got shipped the Fire TV Cube that I ordered. :confused:

Hey there, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Thanks, they were able to resolve things for me.

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