Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Can anyone tell me if the Amazon fire game controller works with this?

It does not. However, I have an Xbox 360 controller connected to mine via USB OTG and it works just fine. I’ve also heard from others that they’ve had success with Xbox One controllers and PlayStation 4 controllers.

I have fire sticks. What will I gain in convenience and accessibility by buying this?

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The main differences between this and the 4K stick is that the cube:
(1) has microphones and a speaker, so it can operate like an Echo
(2) has an IR blaster that can control your other components (“Alexa, turn on the TV”).

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The big disadvantage of the different Amazon Fire TV models, & TVs, is the limited selection of apps. If you don’t already own one, check 1st to make sure you can get what you want Before You Buy. Yeah, sometimes you can sideload, but it does not always work.

Does it work with cable

Should work with cable, with the IR blaster.
My question is, does it work with iTunes content?
Obviously it will work if you channel an AppleTV through it, but I would like to have fewer things around the TV, not more.

What am I missing, looks like the CURRENT generation is only $5 more.

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I believe this one is the same one, current and brand new as well.

This sale is for the Previous Generation, it is stated in the title, and it has different review totals and ratings.

Where ITF is the Fire deal? I am getting a server error for the link

I hate to answer my own questions.

I called Woot and the Cube was oversold and they have been having problems updating the page.

Gone. Dead Deal.