Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

“Previous Generation”?

Thought the same thing

The cube itself is unchanged other than software updates. What is meant by first gen is the older remote. The newer remotes have volume control, the older don’t. I bought a new remote with volume and and the next update changed commands so mute, or lower any volume number or up any volume number. It’s a good deal at 59 bucks I cut the cord and with Amazon recast and streaming all done through the Cube I’m very happy.

stick vs cube?

Useless until Google support comes back - allegedly later this year.

Tom’s Review says basically they’re the same thing, with the cube also acting as a speaker.
“The Fire TV Cube, on the other hand, is a bit expensive unless you specifically want Echo-like speaker functionality. If you have a smart-home setup, or want your very own digital assistant built into a versatile streaming box, the Fire TV Cube makes sense. But that’s probably a limited market, especially since I imagine a lot of Amazon aficionados already have an Echo speaker, or something similar that can respond to Alexa commands.”

I have the Fire TV 4K dongle but I have issues with the slow response time of the remote. The dongle is positioned on the back side of my TV and near my router. I’m thinking that the issue is caused by the interference caused by one of the two. Given this has the same remote but since I can position it in front of the TV, I’m thinking it could fix my issue. Has anyone had this issue? Is remote response better on the Fire TV Cube?

The stick and cube work equally for streaming apps. The cube can be used to control anything is connected too with oral commands.