Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player

I didn’t win this but I did win one back in late april. I also snagged an Amazon controller, a fire stick etc. I was pumped!

I got worried when I noticed they had another sale on cubes since I hadn’t heard anything.

CS contacted me yesterday, canceled all of my good orders and pretty much said “tough sh*t, we sell those all the time, you’ll have to get it next time. here is a ten dollar coupon”.

Woot has been holding on to my cash apparently for no reason and the response is a shrug and a ridiculous slap in the face coupon.

I’ve been buying stuff here for years, I understand rough around the edges but this is well beyond that, what the heck.

I have to actually post the conversation because, again, what the heck?

A couple days before they canceled all these items they canceled a pair of Switch Joycons. No coupon,

Topic: I have some other order-related question.
Order #:
WIN: AM10589C - Amazon Stark_S Fire TV Cube Media Player

Order Date: Friday, May 1, 2020


I recently had a bunch of orders canceled for no reason: a fire cube, a fire stick, amazon controller etc.

Since I placed those orders I think most if not all of the items have been offered again so stock should not have been an issue.

I really didn’t want a refund, I wanted the products. Is there any way I can just get the items I ordered?



Hello Brian,

I understand your concern about multiple orders getting marked as oversold and being refunded.

Usually we are able to keep the sale going as stocks get replenished in the warehouse. Due to the current restrictions, stock in the warehouse are exhausted and we have no dates as to when the replenishment
stocks would arrive.

These items will surely come up for sale as they are popular. You will need to order them again.

Further, to compensate the inconvenience caused, as a gesture of goodwill I’ve issued a $10.00 coupon for your next purchase, you will have to enter the coupon code “” before checkout to avail the benefit. This coupon​ will expire on Nov 06, 2020 and is case-sensitive.​

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to help. Please have a good rest of your day
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Best regards,
Did I solve your problem?

Hi there. Sorry about the problem. We’re having some issues getting orders processed through Amazon and at some point, we have to give up rather than keep your money any longer. We’ve been working hard to get the orders out but it just wasn’t working.

Unfortunately Woot is not so good at even drop shipping from Amazon of all places. Of all the new norms that we supposedly have to get used to as a society, this too will be one of them.