Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Will this still work with or after December 2019?

Why wouldn’t it?

How does this fare for cord-cutting?
After the jailbreak of course.

From what i’ve read these Firesticks have an adjustment for bandwidth which is nice if your internet has a Cap and you want to watch online tv but not break your internet Cap limit. I’ve used a Roku for years but they have updated them all and they are now locked at the maximum bandwidth so i’m buying one of these ! EDIT Ordered 2 of them !

I have the 4k fire stick (thanks woot x 2). It’s awesome for cord cutters. I have a rca tv and I only need one remote. The fire stick will turn the TV on and off, control volume, and everything else I need. It’s great.

I use it with YouTube, Netflix, hulu live, prime, and some free ones.

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The 4K stick is frequently available for $25. (Prime day, black Friday week, etc.) Heck, Amazon right now is offering a coupon code 4KFIRETV to prime members (single use per member) that gets you a fire stick 4k for $25. The non-4k stick at $20 isn’t really a great deal.


Thanks for the code for the 4k stick.

As crasher6 said, thanks for the code! Made my purchasing decision simple.

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Came here to say the same thing +…

Even if you could care less about 4K, the 4K Fire TV stick has a faster CPU vs the basic Fire Stick.

That makes the user interface really snappy and responsive.

Even if the price step were $10, it would be a worthwhile premium.

We’ve got both Fire TV and Roku. They’re both very nice ways to cut the cord. Both have polished user interfaces.

However, the last time I searched, VUDU is still not available as a native app on Fire TV.

VUDU is where folks who have (legal) digital copies of movies often have them. VUDU also has a fair selection of free with minimal ads movies.

(If you wish to mess around with sideloading, you can install the non-native Android VUDU app.)

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Fire TV Bonus vs Roku:

If you have Amazon Alexa compatible security cameras, like the wonderful ones from Wyze, you can view them on your TV.

Also, the remote has a microphone for making other Alexa requests.

If you have an Older Fire TV stick without the microphone remote and use Alexa, this might be a reason to update to the latest Fire Stick.

We’ve got 3 Firesticks in our house that get regular daily use for watching Prime, Netflix etc. We’re not total cord cutters (still have basic cable as part of a bundle) but we love them. If need be I can also pull up my Nest cam, toggle smart switches and devices, etc. and do many things an Echo can do.

Anyone know, can this run RetroARC? I’m guessing the 4K stick would be better with that.

The code for the 4K stick on Amazon didn’t work for me, and I’m a Prime member…


Me too… :frowning:

Thanks for the code! Just ordered one!

For those of us who are technologically challenged, if The new one has 4K, what does this one have?

I had a $5 gift card to go along with it. Not bad for $21.49 for a 4K.

Didn’t work for me. Can you give a link for the stick this works on?