Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Code didn’t work…

I think Info_Assurance is asking because of this news: that came out recently.

Code worked for me. Thanks @davevpi!

I have a mediocre little projector and we use one of these to show Amazon movies.Works fine with our rural fiber optic broadband.

Note: the remote on this stick is not the latest remote. The newer remote can control your sound and power on your tv

Code worked for me. Just bought me one. Thanks davevpi

i’m calling shenanigans on that Amazon code…

Promo code is working for me. I’m ordering:

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I just ordered one of the 4K sticks from Amazon as well. Thanks Davevpi!

I used all caps when typing code in.

Cost was $25 plus $1.99 tax. Free shipping for prime.

The promo code floating around for the $25 4K stick will not work for all accounts, but it is worth checking if it works for you before buying this Woot deal.

Even if you don’t have a 4K TV (I don’t), the 4K stick does run faster than the original Fire TV stick, and has the better remote with volume and power controls.

I don’t think anyone has found any rhyme or reason to which accounts qualify for the 4K stick deal, but you can find more discussion at the SlickDeals thread.

Code worked for me, thank you!!

Just ordered one for the office and it did work for me also, long time Prime member .

You have to be a Primemember for the code to work. I also think you can only use the code once.

I believe that code is account specific. A very large number of accounts, but not all accounts.

  1. “Full HD” (1080p) vs 4K.
  2. Slower CPU means it is slower, but still perfectly usable.

Even if you don’t currently care about 4K, consider the typically small price step to the 4K model.

+1 for the code NOT working :frowning:

“The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”

Just looked the 4K up on Amazon app and there was a big orange banner promoting the code. See pic.


EDIT And it worked like a champ

Code worked for me. Had $5 GC and some points on my Amazon card. Ended up paying $9 for the 4K.

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Looks like the code is only for “select accounts”: