Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Interesting the (Amazon) WOOT! middle of the night promo email put the (other company) Roku Express in the “prime” spot, upper left corner… even tho the deal landing page included this (Amazon) regular Fire TV Stick.

And let’s be honest, while the Roku Express is a slick and cheap device (we have two), Amazon itself seems to have killed the desirability of this regular Fire TV Stick by pricing the 4K Fire Stick so closely.

And with the much snappier cpu in the 4K version, even if you don’t care about 4K, it would be silly to waste money on this regular one.

The 4K version of the Stick is regularly available for $5 more than this $20 price. In fact, if you look at the 4K Amazon page right now and are logged in with Prime, you might see an orange banner at the top showing promo code “4KFIRETV” with a resulting $25 price. Some accounts some of the time. On and off


Thanks for that promo code! I just ordered a 4K Fire TV Stick and got it for $25.

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Does it have youtube

Yeah, they settled their differences.

Yes, the Fire TV Stick now plays YouTube in an integrated, user friendly way.

No VUDU, however. Gotta keep a Roku handy for that.

Fire TV has the Movies Anywhere app, which may house many of your Vudu movies.

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Fire TV still does not have the Youtube TV app. If that ever happens, it will be nearly on an even playing field with Roku in my world.

Another advantage to the Fire TV Sticks vs Roku… if you have Alexa compatible security cameras like the wonderful Wyze cams or many others, you can ask Alexa to live view your security cameras on your TV. Much better view vs a smartphone app.

Mine does. I’ve been watching it for at least a couple weeks now.

Fire stick does run the YouTube tv app. The catch is the app works on gen 2 and gen 3 fire sticks. It does not run on gen 1 fire sticks.

I have the 4k one of these. I would say at $20 it is worth it for sure as long as you get the “most” out of it! I know there are youtube videos that will instruct you on how to get the best settings and applications on it to maximize its potential.