Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

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From the specs, this appears to be the 2nd generation model, can Woot please confirm?

Since I really can’t tell one version to the next, does anyone know for sure if Disney+ works on this? I have a smart TV that became pretty dumb and Disney+ is a bridge too far for it. Sure would like to be able to steam it without buying something really expensive.

I have a few older fire sticks and Disney + works just fine on them

Pretty sure this will do Disney +. Also, it’s a decent price even if you just need a spare/replacement remote, as they are usually $29.

I noticed the 2nd gen remote I received on Oct 8 offering for the same price had a volume and mute control. Should I assume those functions are Alexa voice controlled on this?

FYI, this remote will not control power and volume on your TV, soundbar, or receiver. If not having to use a second remote is important to you, consider the newer version.

Would there be any advantage to getting the 2020 FireStick Lite for $5 more?

This is the exact one we’re selling -

Newer model; potentially faster processor and longer “life” of app and OS updates.

Anyone know if this will support Amazon’s Luna?

We own both ROKU and FireTV devices. They’re both great.

But if you like snappy performance, consider holding out for a deal on the 4K version of the FireTV stick - even if you don’t care about 4K, it responds noticeably snappier due to a faster CPU. Often the price premium is $5-10.

If you simply want the lowest price, this is a good deal.

If you care about Apple AirPlay, the latest ROKU OS 9.4 (automatic) upgrade gets Airplay 2, but only on newer 4K ROKU’s.


As of yesterday the HBO Max app was added to Fire TV devices. Still not available on most Rokus. Also, for the rare few who might still have a Slingbox, the Slingplayer app continues to be available on the Fire TV Stick.

Hopefully this isn’t the version that randomly reboots itself. Usually at the worst possible moment.

I have both this and the newer 4K model with the TV volume control on the remote. Buy the newer version. It loads and responds much faster, and needing just one remote to control both the Fire stick and the TV is a massive upgrade. The 4k model is EASILY worth the extra $20 or so cost (and likely less price difference on BF).

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Wait until next week lite will be on sale for 17.

Faster processor, more ram

Newer Android version which supports usb storage expansion.

You’re not specific about your scenario, but one of our 4K FireTV sticks was flawless for over a year, then randomly rebooted a few times after a software update (yes, at the worst time). The issue resolved itself within a week after another update. The stick is flawlessly stable and responsive again.