Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

A 2016 model for $20? During Black Friday or prime week, the current HD stick is usually that same price and the 4K model is $25.

I’d be worried about apps not being supported any more on the older model.


Agreed, not to mention any future proof with the lack of 4k.

And the slowness. Dear God, the slllllooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnneeeeeessssssss.



Maybe the outdated model, still a usable item and the remote is worth the asking price. Quitcherbitchin…


It’s not worth it for this price.

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Agreed… I use my older models on the kids TVs; they work fine for them. I do have the 4K on the living room TV.

My main complaint about any of the sticks is the tiny amount of app storage. With the size of some of the games we’ve purchased for ours, we are constantly having to clear caches and remove & reinstall apps to play different ones. I wish they’d at least make some 16 or 32 GB versions of the sticks.


plaintive cry I support…give us a little storage!!

Quick question, this 2016 model, is the interface same as latest interface?thanks

Hey there, the 2nd Gen Fire Stick will be getting the newest interface, however, it’s only just begun to rollout to 2nd Gen fire sticks, but they expect it to be on all 2nd Gen Fire Sticks by year’s end.

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cool. as well as the fire os 7 version will be available for this model right?

Worthless. Takes way too long to boot, load, and navigate through apps. Spend a couple extra bucks and get a current model.

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No, don’t think so. No OS7 for this FireTV Stick from what I have read.

My Pentium 100 MHz is still usable and the hard drive (stupid miners) is now worth the asking price; that doesn’t mean it’s still worth using.

For a couple bucks more you can buy the most up-to-date version that will last much longer than this one will.

But hey, it’s not my money to burn - do whatever you want.