Amazon Fire TV w/ 4K & Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV w/ 4K & Alexa Voice Remote

uhhhhhhhhhh how is this a good deal?

Doesn’t seem like a great deal. This is last year’s model. The replacement is faster, in the stick form-factor instead of a pendant, has a better remote (with TV buttons) and was $30 throughout the holidays. It’s back up to $50 now.

No this is a bad deal :slight_smile: lol

This is definitely a bad deal. Do not buy in this form factor, at least not as your primary form of streaming/ television. Fire tv is fine in general, but they have issues with this particular model. Go get a stick instead.
We bought one new almost a year ago. It stopped working after 6 months of regular use. The replacement stopped working in half the time. Somehow, the replacement magically started working again after I ordered a Roku from Amazon and used that for a week. I’ve kept both, and they split duty. I’m guessing that helps the Fire tv, ie you can’t expect to use the Fire tv in this form factor all the time as your primary device.

This Fire TV has more RAM (2 GB) than the stick (1.5 GB). But that’s literally the only thing it has going for it. The stick has a faster processor, lower power requirement, and smaller footprint.

For almost the entire month of December, Amazon sold the sticks for $35 or two for $30.

I have bought, over the years, two of the original Fire TVs, two second generation Fire TVs, one of this third generation Fire TV, one first generation Fire TV stick, three third generation Fire TV sticks, and one Fire TV cube.

With the first generation Fire TVs, there are apps that no longer work on them - for example DirecTV*NOW. That same thing is going to happen with this one eventually (well, any of them). I’d wait and buy the newer one when it goes on sale again.

I’m a little surprised that people seem to like the stick form factor. In my experience, sticks can cause issues depending on where your HDMI ports are located and how they’re oriented. (facing downwards, to the side, or straight back) Often times, sticks will crowd adjacent ports or interfere with mounting brackets. A medallion style like this allows more flexibility in placement because the cord can bend to a degree and the device can be secured where you like it via zip ties or double sided tape.

Example of stick issues:

I use a roku stick, and because of issues like that (and some overheating), roku gave away free HDMI Extenders. I don’t think Amazon gives them away like Roku, but they are available for around $6 for anybody who might have a similar issue.

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The new 4k fire sticks come with an extender. But the best part is the remote will turn your TV on and off and control the volume. That’s right. If you have a compatible TV and don’t need to switch the source you can binge watch with only 1 remote. I got one in the LE Christmas crap and was so impressed I ordered two more (ones a gift).

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@bsmith1, the new stick comes with a small HDMI extension cord (maybe 4 inches or so) so that if you can’t easily plug your stick directly into the TV, you just use the extension cord and let it dangle.

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I also redeemed a free one from roku for a roku stick I got for free from Sling (I think…or some other streaming service)

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So the stick is newer, better, and cheaper? Why does amazon still sell a refurbished old model for $60 except to make the $35 look like a deal on their sister deal site? Seems weird.