Amazon Fire TV

This is a better than normal price. I just checked the price of the refirb fire TV’s and they were only $10 Cheaper than non refirb just the other day. Not a bad price.

Too bad I just built a Raspberry Pi3 to handle Kodi… Otherwise, I would jump on this deal.

EDIT - On second thought, I am in for one. My son needs a kodi box too…

If this is fulfilled by Amazon, how come it only comes with a 90 warranty?

To quote Amazon: “Every Certified Refurbished Amazon Device is backed by the same limited warranty as a brand-new device.”

Looks like this is the older Fire TV model (1080p resolution) rather than the current 4K one.

They grabbed my attention by stating “holiday returns!”. But last gen non 4k feels like the old bait & switch. Shame on you Amaxon/Woot!

Please clarify if these can indeed support 4k. I feel like the current stick is a much better value than this!

The specs say “Output Resolution Supported 720p and 1080p up to 60fps”

$69.99 on the mothership, so a pretty good deal here…finally!

Well, you’re saving $12 shipped. The Mothership one is only 90-day warranty too so this actually is a decent deal, especially if you’re buying anything else on woot for the same order.

Can some one explain the implications of the things said above? I have not looked into Fire TV or Roku or any of those types of devices, and am very behind on the tech aspect.

If anyone is willing to take the time to educate me with the cliff notes version…

This really comes off as a bait and switch. The second gen addressed a lot of issues, even beyond the output resolution. The title really needs to better reflect that this is a previous generation product.

To bad it is not FACTORY refurbished.

4K is better resolution…but you need a 4K TV to enjoy it. If you have a standard HDTV and not a 4K capable TV and don’t plan to get one within the next few years this is probably worth it. This version (generation one) also has a slower processor so it’ll be slower than the newer version (generation two) but probably not by a lot.

Unless you want 4K (ie you have a 4K TV and otherwise care about 4k content), this is a good deal. IMHO, the Fire TV box is better than the Fire Stick since the interface is noticeably snappier and has a wired Ethernet connection. Though I hear the latest generation Fire Sticks now have quad core processors so their performance is probably now on par with the boxes.

So bummed this is only for the 1st gen. I was looking at these very intently the past few days. Looking to install kodi and other apps, but definitely need the 4k support.

Thank you!

I’ve been using an old Samsung Blu-ray player that has Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and Blockbuster (now gone). I can only really use Netflix and Pandora on it as a can’t figure out how to login to YouTube on it.

Netflix I can’t really browse with - I have to add something to my queue with my phone or computer, then it will show up. It’s worked well so far - probably 7years old now, TV is at least that or older (it came with my house - I don’t think they wanted to deal with fixing the holes the TV mount would leave if they removed it.)

So not looking for the newest thing out there, but an upgrade from what I have.


Thank you as well!

I LOVE the deal and I am not knocking one but I feel that since this is fulfilled by amazon, it should be free shipping. Just saying… ESP if you have your amazon account linked and check out through amazon verifying you’re and amazon prime member.

We want that too! It’s just taking a long time to make that dream a reality. But I promise we are working hard on that exact vision.

SWEET! Nice to see woot doing the right thing for us prime members!

Mothership one has the same one year warranty that a new one does.

“Certified Refurbished & Pre-owned Amazon Devices
Explore certified devices that look and work like new, backed with the same limited warranty as new devices ‒ or find a pre-owned device, fulfilled by Warehouse Deals and 30 day money-back guarantee.”

“Warranty and Service 1-year Limited Warranty and service included. Use of Fire TV is subject to the terms found here.”