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I dunno if I’d put the burden for the decision on the shoulders or woot. They’ve remained a pretty decent company to deal with. I’ve been with them since the days of one item a day updated at midnight every night (10pm my time). For years I was getting a two hour head start on my brothers in Tejas(i digress). Amazon, on the other hand is an evil robot, that will repeat scripts learned by rote in efforts to reach economically advantageous decisions for the company, no matter how nonsensical it may sound to the customer. As long as it’s not a negative for them it makes sense. That being said, there’s absolutely no advantage for the company to allow their gift cards as currency on any more websites than they currently have. If peoe use other options to buy needful crap on woot, not only does the Amaz-bot get whatever cut they get from the conglomeration/ownership deal, but the gift card that person already bought (or was bought for them) will be spent at the AmaWorld. If real peoples could use Ama-Bux all over the place, less would be spent with Amaz-Bot in AmaWorld. This way instead of Amaz-bot gets cash love from the person who would like to use the AmaBux but can’t, and the card love is only valid in the AmaWorld, where I’m pretty sure they get a larger percentage of the purchase price than they do fom woot. But! If woot were to go in 100% and burn their souls 100 on the pyre of the internet they could just remove their name and branding and become a totally internalized Amazon seller.

That makes sense if they are separate companies but Amazon owns woot. In 2010 they bought them for 110 million. So it doesn’t make sense.


Amazon owns Woot!, but Woot! is an independent company. They have a special relationship, but that doesn’t extend into sharing money. For Woot! to use Amazon’s gift cards creates a nightmarish inter-banking system which is beyond Woot!’s current staffing capabilities.

Let it go.

This is a definition of “independent” with which I was previously unfamiliar

(Perhaps you meant “distinct”?)

It’s an independent subsidiary, per Woot’s FAQ:

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That’s too bad because it seems really really easy to get an amazon gift card just about anywhere. I never see Woot Gift cards lol.

It still does not work. I have a lot of money in GCs and it’s not fair.

Sorry but there’s a lot of laws around gift cards and they’re pretty hard to get around.

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I would buy a lot more from Woot if it would accept Amazon gift cards.

I found this thread when searching to learn if Woot takes Amazon gift cards (nope!). Related question - I have a prepaid Mastercard with a $300 balance in my Amazon wallet. I want to purchase an item from Woot that is more than $300. Will Woot’s checkout allow me to apply the $300 from the prepaid Mastercard, then prompt me to select a second payment method from my Amazon wallet for the balance? And if you are wondering why I don’t just test it out, I don’t have the prepaid card yet in-hand. Trying to strategize my large purchase. :smile:

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@Froodyfrog might know.


Unfortunately, our payment system isn’t that sophisticated. It needs to be all on one card. Sorry.


Woot should accept Amazon gift card balance as it is owned by Amazon and does not make any sense we can prime membership and not the gift card balance

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(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


Do you know what an Amazon payment is?

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Can I learn what an Amazon payment is via your great knowledge?
(I’m pretty sure it’s something obvious that I’m going to smack my head for not realizing it)

Hi there. If you login with your Amazon account, you can use your existing wallet and address book from Amazon. more info here in our FAQ. Scroll Down to “What’s Amazon Payments?”

And here’s a very old blog about it. Some things may have been updated but the gist is still there.

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