Amazon integration problems


So, I was about to purchase an air purifier a couple days ago, but after logging in with my Amazon account, I was not able to select the option to pay with my gift card balance. So I did not purchase the air purifier. This was on the desktop browser version of Woot.

Then, today, I was about to purchase a hoodie. I used the “log in with Amazon” option to get the Prime free shipping. After logging in, the item disappeared from my cart, so I had to go back to the item and add it again. After this, even though I was logged in with my Amazon account, I could not use the Prime shipping option. So I did not purchase the hoodie. This was in the iOS app. I tried again on my computer, but by then the hoodies had all sold out.

So that’s two purchases aborted in one week because of problems between Amazon and Woot. Anyone else having any troubles like these?


Hi there.

On the first, we don’t accept Amazon gift cards. We’re not set up for getting the money back from Amazon.

On the second, if your Amazon Account on Woot is different from your woot account then they each have their own cart. So my TT account is different from the account where I have my Amazon account linked. If I add something to my TT cart, it doesn’t show up when I log into the other account.

As to not getting free shipping, there have been a few issues with that late last week. Amazon engineers are looking into it. You can always email Woot support to get the shipping refunded.

Lastly, make sure you use Login with Amazon for free shipping and not Pay with Amazon. Log out of woot and use the login with amazon button.

Hope that helps


We are seeing sporadic issues with Pay With Amazon right now where the Pay With Amazon widget either doesn’t load at all (which also doesn’t allow us to check Prime status so we will show $6 shipping), or shows a Session Expired error. We are working with Amazon on these issues at present. If you see these issues, clear cookies or try another browser for now until we can work out why this is happening.


Lost my business, order because Amazon pay through this app decided my 4 credit cards didn’t exist. They exist on Amazon, woot using chrome but not on the app, I just didn’t feel like going to browser reordering etc if y’all don’t want to sell than …


another lost woot sale because i was not able to use my amazon gift card balance. weird.!


But we’re not Amazon. Gift cards are weird, and you’d think because amazon owns us it’d be simple. But gift cards are insanely regulated and are an accounting nightmare. There’s no way for us as a subsidiary to take them, unfortunately. Sorry we couldn’t sell you something you wanted because of it!