Amazon Kindle (2016) 6" E-Reader (S&D)

Amazon Kindle (2016) 6" E-Reader (S&D)

Does this have a backlight or is this best used in a well-lit living situation?

I’m pretty sure that the “2016 E-Reader” Kindle does not have a backlight. You would want a “Paperwhite, Voyage or Oasis” model to get a built-in back light. Woot has a Paperwhite currently listed.

From the specs: “Amazon’s 6” Paperwhite display technology”.

I bet that’s a mistake.

As per a YouTube review video (the lack of backlight is mentioned at 4:20)

It’s not:

Kindle 2016 E-Reader

The 2016 Kindle uses an internally developed e-paper display.

Basically the differences are:

Kindle: Basic e-reader, no backlight. Budget model.
Kindle Paperwhite: Nicer display, backlight. Advanced model
Kindle Voyage: Premium Display, better backlight system, touch controls.
Kindle Oasis: Premium Display, backlight, Lightweight design. Comes with a battery case.

So you’re saying it’s the same ink technology? But the Paperwhite has always had the front-light and that’s what distinguished it from the basic Kindle. So saying it’s the Paperwhite display may be sort of kind of technically correct but is extremely misleading.

(And it’s not really a back-light. That’s what makes it different from a fire.)