Amazon Kindle 4GB, WiFi, Black or White

Amazon Kindle 4GB, WiFi, Black or White

Does this refurbished item in “good” condition come with the original box? Does come with scratches or any issues? I want to give it as a present to a teenager and don’t want to convey the feel like I’m getting rid of an unwanted good.

can you confirm if its 8 or 4GB Kindle?, cuz reading the title is 4GB but the features and specs says 8gb, unless is a typing error…

Hi there. I’m asking about the memory.

On the condition, Good is the best available right now. It will likely show signs of previous use such as minor scratches or wear. It will come in a brown box, not original retail.

Update: It’s 4GB

Got my copy. It’s in New condition but in a generic box. Has the 5.12.4 firmware. It’s a 4 gig edition. I’m very pleased with it. Thanks!


mine is the same as yours, but odd thing is that it came with usb C cable instead of micro usb, can you confirm if you get the usb C cable or micro usb?

Hi there. Feel free to reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

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