Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Wi-Fi Tablets

I’m asking for someone to look into it. We have a couple others reporting the same problem.

UPDATE: Ok, user error on our end. Pls try again.

We have 3 of these kindles. The price may be as good on Amazon, but good look finding a refurbed with over 8gb. If you add in the 32 gb memory option for these sold on Woot, they are a slamming deal. Add in the coupon code, and you can’t beat it. We use these for the kids all the time. With the FreeTime family app (a few bucks a month), they get unlimited books, games, and prime viewing in the kid category on their Kindle. It’s a sweet set up. Would not hesitate to get this older version with the higher memory, especially if you’re going to give it to a kid. Our has lasted over 3 years with rough, daily use. Just bought one to replace it after the screen started showing the signs.

I have irritatingly tried reading comics on ours. Several apps (for who knows why) refuse to read the sd card. I got a few gigs of comics from recent Humble Bundles and I had to download them all as PDF’s and install adobe reader to read them on the tablet. The reading app is great if you can fit everything on what’s left of the 8gb…