Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Wi-Fi Tablets

Bought one of these last go-round. What a hunk of garbage.

  1. Amazon REALLY only wants you to use THEIR apps. Even putting Chrome on requires some Mr. Robot skills.

  2. Doesn’t work with Xfinity apps, which is the reason I wanted it.

  3. Doesn’t really even work with Amazon FireStick - you can’t multi-cast.

  4. Can’t run Android Play store without some more Mr. Robot style hacking.

  5. Tablet calls itself 7" but that’s with like 3" of border. Actual screen size is barely bigger than my iPhone 7+

  6. Screen size isn’t even proportionate to most HD movies these days.

  7. Really oddly sized. Doesn’t fit comfortably in the hand.

I wanted to like this, but it’s really a piece of useless garbage for doing anything other than using Amazon, and it even does that poorly.