Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Tablets

This is pretty old technology to anyone who is considering. I bought this refurbished back in 2014 and I think then it was already over a year old. 64 gb goes pretty darn quick without expandable memorey. It tends to run very slow if you approach the memory limit as well. If you just need a tablet to watch basic netflix on, it’s not too bad.

I looked around a bit and this looks like a 2012 model that still runs only an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich based version of Fire OS?
(correct me if I’m wrong, their “generation” terminology seems slightly inconsistent).

Is the 4G unlocked?

I got one. Cheap for a full HD browsing device. I’ll probably let it cycle photos throughout the day. Looks like CM has support for it too.

I have this (for Verizon) and it is a tablet par excellence. I am almost distraught that Amazon has quit making a tablet with cellular connection. I don’t use cellular a lot but like to have it available. I travel internationally for work. I have 64GB and load up a week’s worth of viewing (and much more - as I save space using SD, and load FREE Amazon prime videos). More often than not I watch my Kindle on the plane rather than the entertainment system provided. I have to admit there is some funkiness. The email app is weak and the FB app hasn’t been updated to permit the heart, wow, crying emoji’s. But for travel…it can’t be beat.

I have zilch tech savvy. If I buy the AT&T data package, can the Kindle Fire access the Internet from my Verizon modem?

Sunning display, huh? I’d better wear my shades and sunscreen when I use this puppy!

It’s always risky responding to someone with “zilch tech savvy” as we may be talking in different terms. If your verizon modem is your home network/wifi system then the tablet will talk to it via wifi primarily. The AT&T package will allow you to get on the internet to download/stream items when you are out of the range of WiFi service, either at home, or MacDonalds or Starbucks, all of which I believe offer WiFi services. It will not care if you are a verizon person as it would just be speaking WiFi to it. You would however now have a bill from Verizon AND a
bill from ATT for the future if you opt for the ATT bundle.

Does Cyanogen have a mod that will let you move this to full Android? I bought and returned one of these a few years ago because the OS was so bad. I’m not someone who returns things but made an exception here.

Booming sound with distortion"

Um, I’m not sure that’s a great selling point guys

Hm, does Amazon let you use a Square reader?

I wonder what the ATT 4G data package would cost after the first year?

No, it is locked to AT&T.

“This 12 month AT&T 4G data package includes 250MB a month of blazing fast data” Really? 250MB a month? You would use that much just connecting to your e-mail server!

this is 2nd gen? was there a third gen 8.9 with thwe same HD resolution. Can this 2nd gen be upgraded to the upcoming version of fire os that will use Alexa, can it be upgraded to current version (Bellini)?

Can you connect digital camera to this tablet and offload the pictures? Any special cable/hardware do I need?

I found this:

If you take it to AT&T, they will un lock it for you. They have no choice as legislation was passed last year. Any device not under contract must be permitted to be unlocked.

No. You might be able to root this tablet and install something else, but Amazon has not released the newer versions of FireOS for these older tablets.

I have a 2012 Kindle Fire HD 7", and because it is an official Amazon device, it has missed out on some newer Amazon services, services that are available to non-Amazon devices of the same age.

Take, for instance, Amazon Prime streaming radio stations. A 2012 Kindle Fire HD’s built-in Music app doesn’t support them, and the tablet won’t play the radio stations in web browsers. On a non-Amazon Android tablet from 2012 though, you can easily install the latest Amazon Music with Prime Music app and stream away.