Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device 6" Display Global Wireless

Amazon is cleaning house tonight.

1st gen?!

Great deal for new first gen

I can’t read! :frowning:

When I click I WANT ONE it just refreshes the page!

Good price, too bad it is already sold out.

Gee, I wonder why THIS made it into the Woot-off…?

Sweet! Now I can get a Kindle to go with the Kindle cover I just bought!

I can’t stand the black and white e readers.

2nd Generation. One of the best gifts I ever got. I prefer this one over the newest generation.

2nd Gen.

did i miss the Bag of crap

if only I had a Cover with Book Light

That means it is already sold out for the most part - Processing the request of whoever bought it I think.

Now they’re really f’in with us. Only 1 kindle? Right.

Not yet, but 2 Monkeys

Not a good price for previous model which has never been non-3G and it’s only 3G, meaning no wifi. Get 3rd generation, for 189 much-much-much better


Shakes puny fist at woot while simultaneously congratulating sirlouie on getting the only one.