Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device 6" Display Global Wireless

but… its black and white like a book… which is what its trying to do… haha

Great device with only one flaw: No back light.

what was the price of the kindle anyone remember

i guess you take the order pace of 22.87s. divide it by 3600, then multiply by $18,889.37 to get roughly $120 for the 1 that was sold.

Thanks for the congrats, although I may have pulled the trigger slightly too quickly. I didn’t realize that this was a 2nd Generation Kindle, and since the 3rd Generation ones are out, I might want to get that one as a gift instead of this 2nd Generation.

Anyone interested in buying it off me? email my username at to discuss if you are interested.

I might change my mind and keep it, as it’s still a good deal for a wireless Kindle … but I was literally browsing for Kindles on Amazon and knew that the one with wireless was $189, so when I saw $120 I just about had a seizure clicking on the “I want one” button.

I just bought a lightly used 2nd gen off a friend, and honestly, unless you want the extra battery life, there’s not much point in paying the extra money for the 3rd gen one. 3g coverage is free, and is fast enough for downloading books, and the 3rd gen is only something like 7 grams lighter and a half inch smaller.

For the items listed in the woot blog, I don’t see any links to actually buy the items. Am I missing something?

The refresh is also notably faster. That alone almost swayed me into upgrading to a 3rd gen kindle. Still, my 2nd gen kindle is still great enough that I’m keeping mine. Read in good health!

The Kindle 3 also has a far superior web browser. It’s not fantastic, but it’s at least functional (which is more than can be said about the Kindle 2).

By any chance are you on a Mac using Safari? I have had some problems lately, and a couple of service reps from other companies said their sites don’t work with Safari.

Thanks all, for the info. I decided that my sister-in-law will enjoy this 2nd generation Kindle. Woot woot!