Amazon pay options stop showing up

I have been using my Amazon prime account with great success here. However, recently the Amazon pay options stopped showing up with regards to my credit card. When I try to re-add the credit card it does not give me the option to do so. I have tried both with the mobile app and also on my desktop.

I am able to logon fine with my Amazon prime account and my address etc. does show up. It is just the payment option no longer shows the credit cards I have on my account.

My Amazon account and credit cards are fine as I just use my prime account a few hours ago.

Well that’s weird. While you’re waiting for some staffer to wander by or for Woot CS to answer that email you undoubtedly sent in, why don’t you go to your Amazon Pay account at and look it over.

Just to double check your credit card expiration dates, addresses, things like that. :slight_smile:

And then I would sign out of Woot and Amazon, clear your cookies, and sign back into Woot using the Amazon log-in.

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Thanks. Everything looked fine at that link as it showed my orders etc.

All my credit cards look fine as well.

I did add a different card in my Amazon account in the one click area and I’ll try that.

By removing and reinstalling the credit card on my Amazon one click settings seems to have taken care of the issue. Thanks