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What good is Amazon Pay if Woot is asking for payment methods? Seems odd to me. Anyone else have this problem and know a solution?

That’s just something the Amazon Pay widget does.

So even though one logs in with Amazon Pay, you are still required to re-input your payment method? I’ve never had to do this in the past before…

Yup. It gets glitchy when the servers are overloaded. It typically happens during WTF and BOC events.

It probably won’t happen to you every time. It’s sorta random for me. Sometimes I get hit with 2 factor auth, or the password with captcha.

Ok thanks. So logging in with Amazon Pay only benefits one in the area of no cost shipping (if you have prime). Hate putting CC info into websites. Paypal isn’t even an option.

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Yeah it’s hopefully being looked into by Amazon’s team.

If you’re trying to get a BOC you could use the woot login since those come with free shipping.

Hi there. You’re logging in with your Amazon account credentials. Then you decide if you want to use your Amazon wallet or another payment card.



Thanks, that’s the problem. Logging in with amazon account credentials does not provide me with the option of using my Amazon wallet. It is just requiring me to enter a CC into Woot. Doesn’t seem right.

When you go to checkout, it’s not showing your address and payment options?

Do you have payment settings saved on

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It is pulling my address in from Amazon but not my payment settings. Yes, I have Amazon Prime and numerous different payment methods available.

It’s not showing you logged in with Amazon right now on this account.

Could you try logging out of both and Then log in again using the Log in with Amazon button.


Ok - logged out of both. Logging back in using “log in with amazon” pulls my address info in, but again - no success on payment methods.
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 11.39.17 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 11.39.29 AM

Did you change your email address for your prime account by chance? Last login with prime on this account is 2019.

I did. I closed my initial Amazon account due to divorce. Opened a new one a year or so ago.

Bingo. That’s it.

Go to your Amazon settings and disconnect Woot. It’s in your account settings and then “Login with Amazon”.

We may have to loop in the CS manager. Why don’t we move this discussion to private messages. I’ll PM you.




Yay! I thought it was just the glitch you get from the servers.


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ThunderThighs - can you PM me again?