Amazon Payments Down?

Is Amazon Payments down? I have been getting an error when trying to place an order for a bike rack. I login with my Amazon account, and it says free Prime shipping in one box, but charges shipping in the other. And then two other boxes have Amazon Pay error messages (see attached)

Guess I’ll miss out on that one, but didn’t know if others were having the same issue…

Having the same issue here, really sucks as these are Christmas gifts for my teens…to install. :wink:

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Looks like this is the answer: Amazon is having issues.


Ah… thanks! My visit to Down Detector was inconclusive. Oh well!

Yep we are in touch with them and are tracking. Prime benefits won’t apply of course since our integration depends on Pay With Amazon too.

Will we miss out on the items we are trying to purchase? :frowning:

SAME PROBLEM HERE - hope this get this straightened out by midnight or there will be HELL to pay! Yes, I’ll actually pay HELL - which is right next to Amazon from what I’ve been told.

I hope not! We like you buying things to make happiness and we also like money. It looks like they have the solution in hand so it looks like it should be back before rollover which is in an hour. Hopefully within the next 10-15 minutes.


I believe what you meant to say was:

We love money, and we want you taking stuff off our hands.

(Or something along those lines. Don’t look at me, as I’m just a penguin by a keyboard.)

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Great. Looks like it’s getting closer. :slight_smile:

Seems to be working now. My order completed.

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Yep it is back.


I will now help pay your salary not HELL:wink:

BTW - interested in a Season 1 Blackish DVD for your trouble? No good deed should go unpunished