Amazon Prime benefits on Woot?

As an Amazon Prime customer on Amazon, and Woot! being owned by Amazon, does anyone know if we are able to use the same benefits here on Woot! and if so, how do I go about getting that done?

Nope. You can checkout through amazon, but thus far that’s the only crossover.

Bummer, amirite? I’d be superhappy to get free shipping.

Most def would be nice. Either way, $5 isn’t terrible especially if your ordering like 5 things. Maybe they should work on that.

Prime benefits + woot was powerfull ! Amazon need to work on this really ! Maybe with an another plan… (Amazon Prime Pro member) a little more expensive but i take this plan right now !

Woot don’t play that FWB thang. You want it? Put a ring on it - or at least pay the $5 shipping.

Prime Free Shipping was just announced!