Amazon Ring Stick Up Cam

Amazon Ring Stick Up Cam

I’m quite peeved. I purchased two of these during the woot off. They just arrived. I opened one excited to set it up and it’s still registered to the previous owner. I would assume if refurbished that should have been taken care of. Now from what I’m hearing I have to go through tons of hoops to try to get this fixed with Ring because obviously I have no idea who the previous owner was for them to remove it from their account. This should have been ready to go out of the box.

Ack, I’m so sorry. Ring should be able to help you. If not, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I don’t think Woot should be encouraging Stick Ups!

Ordered 2 battery versions of these but Woot sent me 1 battery and 1 wired. I also got 2 Solar panels and now one of those has to live in solitude until the next time I can snag one (and hopefully Woot sends me what I ordered). In 14 years of Wooting, this is the first time I’ve ever had to return something and the 2nd time within the last month that they mis-shipped me an order. Why have you forsaken me Woot!?!

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I’m sorry. For these, it must have been misplaced in the Amazon warehouse. :frowning:

Woot CS will help you out.

I’m also peeved. Bought 2 and both are registered to a different account! How were these refurbished?

Please send instructions on how to remove the previous owner!

I purchased 2 Ring stick up cams also. Both are registered to original owners. I called Ring customer service. I was told they could not help me. I would need to get help where I had purchased them. I’ll try and get in touch with Woot on Monday. Hope they will fix our problems quickly

I’ll take the wired one from you if Woot can’t help I’ll even pay shipping. I ordered, and should have ordered 3. I can be reached at…

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Just spoke with a woot customer service rep. They don’t have any replacements. They are crediting my account and sending return labels to ship the cams back. Disappointed. Wanted my cams

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No worries TT. My brother ordered some for himself as well. I’m waiting to hear if his got mis-shipped too and we might do an exchange during the holidays. I also noticed the solar panels (at least the ones I got) were for the Spotlight cams only (not compatible at all with the Stick Up cams). So, it currently looks like my brother might be the real winner here.

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Thank you both for your understanding. It’s actually quite refreshing.


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