Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

From the reviews:

Got this smart plug so I can remotely turn appliances/lights on and off in an Alzheimer’s patient’s home. I can remotely make sure things are off by simply turning them on/off in the Amazon Alexa app - super simple to use and really helps me out. Now I don’t have to drive over there to make sure the lights are off, or the AC or TV are off, etc. Thank you!

Maybe Grandpa wouldn’t act so crazy if you quit screwing with his air conditioner, lights and TV? Just a suggestion, reviewer. :slight_smile:


Just bought a used one from the mother ship, and it was in perfect condition. Most likely a returned, unused item.

An advantage to going with a mothership smart plug - you don’t need yet another app to set it up like you do with a non-Amazon brand smart plug. The Amazon Alexa app natively supports it.

That app-kludge keeps us in Amazon and (since it didn’t originally occur to us) excellent and well-priced when on sale, TP-Link smart plugs.

Picked one up of these Amazon plugs on Prime day for $4.99 (with restrictions). Will be interesting to see if that repeats during BF.

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But what if somebody doesn’t use Alexa devices and instead uses Google Home (for instance)?

Then you don’t have that advantage would be my guess. I don’t think these plugs work with Google Home.

I’ve been running Google Home and Echo devices side-by-side for a few weeks (since Prime Day actually when I bought some Echo Dots and an Echo Show 5)

I like talking to Google Home–it can understand what I’m saying without me being so precise. Alexa, on the other hand is pretty stupid. I have to phrase things very carefully or she will either not get what I want or start playing something I don’t want to hear.

I think I like the Google devices better but the Alexa devices are cheaper so Bezos will probably “win”

I’m still irked that Betamax lost.


Alas, I think this one has been sold (or scrapped) already …


Holy smokes! Well, let’s hope these plugs don’t start smoking…

The pair of AMZN plugs that I ordered right around lunch time today has already shipped!

But lets not get too riled up, they’re coming down to Oklahoma from Michigan via SurePost, that’s more like it, Woot. :slight_smile:

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Our experience was the opposite. We used them side by side for a year. The 3rd gen Echo Dot hardware punctuated the deal.

We finally realized the Google Home device had become an electricity vampire, sitting there, neglected, sadly untalked to, yet still demanding we dust it. We unplugged it and it now sits in the drawer with our Meh hoard.

But even if the race had been a tie, we’d likely have stayed with Alexa for privacy reasons. Not that Amazon is wonderful privacy wise, but at least its business model is selling goods and services.

Whereas, Google’s business model is selling your data and eyeballs. And having gmail addresses and watching YouTube, we already have plenty of Google exposure, thank you.

Haha. I guess those shiny newish local Michigan Amazon warehouses (I think 3 or 4 now) are fully up to speed. We’re seeing more and more next day delivery.

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