Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Received the email from Woot at 2:46 signed into my account at 2:48, unable to purchase any plugs! With a limit of 3/customer, what was the availability 100?

It’s available. You have to purchase it through The woot! App.

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On Android app but haven’t been able to buy this. The “Proceed to checkout” button doesn’t do anything but blink (and change color) when I click on it. What’s up?

I just bought 3 through the Android app

Lucky you. I’ve been trying for over an hour but still can’t get “proceed to checkout” to go to payment screen. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the woot app.

Are you using Login with Amazon? If you’ve made a recent change to your settings on Amazon, you may need to log out of both Amazon & Woot. Then try again.

Could you try on another device?

Lastly, could you give me device details?

Device & Version
Android Version
App Version

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it would be really cool if I could open the app and navigate to the appsclusive section…where is it? if it is there, finding it sure as hell isn’t very user friendly

Hi there. It’s not direct but…

Go to Categories in the bottom navigation and tap on Clearance.
Tap on Promotions.
Scroll down for the Monday Mobile Deals.

The daily Appslcusive is found on the main page when you open the app and says “Appsclusive” in the photo.

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I was able to order from my Apple device. Thanks.

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