Amazon store card financing on Woot

According to Amazon, if you use AmazonPay and use your Amazon store card for payment of an item over $149 you can use the 6 month financing Amazon offers. When I go to check out on Woot, and select my Amazon store card, it says the financing is available but that is all. There’s no button to check that I want to use the financing offer (like on Is it automatically applied on Woot if it’s available? Or should I be seeing something else to select this option?

Hi there. The Amazon store card can’t be used on sites other than Amazon. It can’t be used for purchases on subsidiaries.

Well I just used it when checking out via amazonpay to get the scanncut. Whether or not it’ll apply the 6 month financing we’ll see - guessing it won’t show up until it processes.

just as a fyi for anyone else interested, this is the page where it states the store card can be used on woot and the store card financing is available

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. That’s interesting. Left hand, right hand. I’m going to ask CS to reach out to you for screen shots of the check out process if that’s ok. Nobody here has a Store Card to test. :\

It shows up as an available option for me as well

I just saw this thread. I can use my Amazon Store Card on Woot, too.

Hello. Did anyone find out for sure if it was possible get financing on Woot purchases by using the Amazon Store Card? Thank you.

Hi there. It doesn’t work on our site at this time. It’s something we’re looking into.