Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

Okay… First off, this offer is hands down one of the most beautiful offers ever. You’d be an absolute ignoramous to go to a leading seller (cough Best Buy) to purchase this device for nearly $130. This guy comes out to $60!!! AFTER ALL FEES!! $60!!! The speaker can stay on the stand charging, Alexa is great and easy to pair with Bluetooth. The speaker is actually fairly loud. I wouldn’t recommend it cranked all the way up for a single person, maybe a small party of 20-40. Sure! Blast it… Great job Woot, good buy.

I bought 2 of these last time Woot offered this a few weeks ago. Both Taps appeared to be brand new, worked flawlessly, and with the latest firmware update they are hands free enabled. For the same price as an echo dot, these are a bargain!