Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

Used - Acceptable…

Acceptable to WHOM?

We ordered three because they seem to be gone forever if we don’t. Tap was a great Alexa. Sad it got “acceptable” status…

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The TAP is a nice device that Amazon crippled a bit because it was better (more useful) than their flagship echo. It can do pretty much anything the echo can do with the exception of calling and drop-in feature. It’s a decent sounding portable Bluetooth speaker with Alexa capabilities. It’s too bad they crippled it, and now will probably discontinue it. If you don’t need the calling/drop-in feature then this $40 is well spent if you want an Alexa gadget that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. Don’t worry about the whole “TAP” thing to wake it up, they has a firmware update that allows it to respond to “Alexa”, so you can decide which way you want to wake the device up. The advantage of using the TAP feature, is the device isn’t always listening, so it conserves the battery. Amazon had a great little portable device here that they fizzled out. The irony is that there are 3rd party companies making portable batteries and portable speakers to hook into the dot, so there clearly is a market for a device like the TAP.


Used - Acceptable… sounds like something from my Tinder profile

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Nifty for bringing music (Spotify) out to the patio. Sound is not quite as full as the (old) Echo.

Does this work with the other Echo’s is you use the “whole house” audio? Like if I have this outside will it sync up with the 2 inside?

FYI…THESE will NOT work in the EVERYWHERE group when playing music only stand alone! . That is my biggest Gripe.

poop. that’s what i wanted.

Currently I have a dot with a Y-splitter for the headphone jack. One speaker for that room and another goes to a long cord to put in the window facing outside for “everywhere” music inside and out. I was hoping this would be a wireless solution.

I got one last time they had them on WOOT. Ours lives on our headboard for brown noise to sleep by, controlling switches, jokes, weather ect. Then when the power goes out we have a BT speaker.

im sorry but this is the best thing woot has offered in a while -for those of you who don’t know (i didn’t when i bought a refurb last year) it’s portable alexa and the sound is amazing-
i have no idea why they gave up on this but i just bought 5 because they have -at 40 dollars you really should do it


Well I have been more than happy with this Tap. Looks brand new and sounds pretty good as well. Plenty loud enough for a normal room for sure. And since I have Amazon Music i can just tell it play any song and “whoop, there it is”. End.

No, it doesn’t have the multi-room feature or calling/drop-in.