Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

I would be all over this if all the Alexa features worked. No drop in or intercom? A no from me.


Previous Amazon Taps sold on Amazon were updated to hands free.
Is this one hands free?

If it isn’t initially, then a software update will be pushed to it to make it possible.
Just remember, as stated above, these do not fully integrate into Alexa system:

  1. No drop in
  2. No intercom
  3. No whole house music
    Its a good speaker with ok sound, but so disappointed it can’t do everything other Amazon devices can. I’ll never understand their logic.

I had a Tap that I purchased prior to it becoming hands free - when the hands free option came along it was in a software update and you turned it on in the settings. If this Tap has most recent software it should also have that option.
I did like the Tap for being able to take out on the deck for music.

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The Tap is the least functional of any of the Alexa devices. It cannot do announcements or notifications. Why the heck not? I would not buy a Tap if your primary goal is to have an Alexa device. That said, if you want an Alexa you can pick up and carry to the bathroom or workshop without having to unplug/plug anything, this is nice.

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I love my tap, and this is one heck of a deal IMO.

The tap was never marketed as an “Echo” device so no, it never has the Echo features. It is, and always has been, marketed as an Alexa enabled Bluetooth speaker, same as other manufactures “Alexa enabled” devices.

These things are awesome for portable music where you have internet available and can fallback to being a simple Bluetooth speaker otherwise. I use one at work where I don’t need all of the Echo features like drop-in or multi-room audio.


Bingo. It also doesn’t have the far field array mics. But like you said, it wasn’t created as a central/main use Echo device.

It has far superior sound to the Dot and is mobile. If you use Alexa to stream content, this is a nice sound improvement option at less than half the cost of the step up and also better sounding regular Echo vs the Echo Dot.

At the original $130 it was a no way. At $35 it is a nobrainer if you already have an Alexa Echo Dot environment.

My only hesitation is that lame 90 day Woot warranty rather than the mothership’s 1-year warranty. Come on, Woot, you’re promoting it as “New”… not like the used refurb Echo Dots on which you slap the 90 day warranty!


These suck

I like the Tap for a portable bluetooth speaker and for doing some Alexa things because the sound is much better than a Dot. Like someone else said, probably pretty good for an office where you don’t need all the other automation and communication functions.

Thank you for your review.


I got one of these when they first came out, along with the sling cover (the one with a little loop at the top). It is extremely handy to carry around the house or just outside – and the loop serves as a nice handle to hook a finger through when you’re also carrying a bunch of other stuff. And it’s way better for listening than either a phone (w/ or w/o earbuds) when you’re doing chores in one room. It’s been worth its price over the years.

I don’t care about the “hands free” mode – which requires being plugged in all the time anyway (either that or the battery will drop like a rock if hands-free even works unplugged – I don’t know & don’t care) – that’s what Dot & Echo are for!

For what it is & what it does this is a good price & if mine weren’t still going strong I’d get one. Tempted anyway!

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I bought it earlier and it was easy to update. Nice at the pool. However, it does have one semi issue. Unlike the dot, when you say Alexa you have to wait it for it to beep before you can get it to answer your question. Good price, nice speaker.

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This was my 1st ever Alexa enabled device, and I gotta say, maybe my favorite.

If you only were going to buy 1 Alexa device, this might be the best choice. You can carry it around wherever you want in the house. Let’s say you’re cleaning the bathroom, bring it in there and you can control the music with voice while you’re cleaning the shower. You can take it outside while you’re doing yard work, or in your kids room for an impromptu dance party.

Just remember, it’s an Alexa enabled bluetooth speaker. Not an Echo. It’s perfect if you want to use voice to control music, ask about the weather, read the news, or even play a few games like Jeopardy. It’s not meant to replace an Echo, and cant do multiroom music. Since you can carry this room to room, it technically is a whole house audio system lol.

Another downside, the mic isnt as good as the Echo devices. When music is playing loud, you really have to raise your voice to get it to work.

Sound quality is on par with any other affordable bluetooth speaker. Loud enough, with very little bass. It’s not as harsh as some other bluetooth speakers, but not as rich sounding as the best bluetooth speakers. To be fair, even the best portable bluetooth speakers are pretty weak.

All in all, this is a good buy at $35. Even if you just used it as a bluetooth speaker it’s worth that much.


Very helpful information, glad you took the time to jump in.

I love mine! I carry it around when I’m doing chores, I travel with it, and it’s become my bathroom speaker because I don’t want to leave an Echo device on the vanity full-time or sacrifice an outlet to one.

These always sell out, so don’t wait if you want one. I was able to find a Sling for it at Walmart for $5 when I got my Tap from Woot, so that made it simple to tote around the house with me.

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I set one up with my phone hotspot and use in the car for Audible. It’s a bit fidgety to hook up but I really like it.

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I bought the “used” tap a few weeks ago here on woot, and I’m buying one of these “new” ones as well. As others said, it’s not an echo, it’s an Alexa enabled portable Bluetooth speaker. If you keep that in mind, It’s definitely worth the 35 bucks.

I’m just a simple country chicken lawyer, and I don’t know much about tinniness or muddiness, but to my non-finicky ear, the speaker in these things rivals the Bose Soundlink Revolve portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s loud. And that’s good enough for government work.

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That’s creative. Did you register it as an Alexa device or stream to it as a generic Bluetooth speaker using a phone app?

(One wonders when Amazon will release their new car Alexa device…)

It’s not a speakerdock but it will do nicely, right? :wink:

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