Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

Amazon Tap: Alexa-Enabled BT Speaker

These can be changed to voice activated with the alexa app.

Anyone purchase this last go around? Any issues?

I’m simply looking for a speaker that can be taken outdoors over the summer.

I got a couple last time. Much smaller than the Echo, but the sound quality is really amazing, clear, loud, not distorted. Mine shuts off after 15 minutes on battery, so I need to research that issue. It is a great, small portable speaker, has Bluetooth and 1/8 input jack for direct connection. I grabbed a couple more this time because I was so impressed. It does have a quality build feel to it. The charging cradle is nice too, just grab the speaker and go.

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I ordered two of them. They work and look absolutely brand new. It’s hard believe that they are refurbished.

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They aren’t refurbs: Condition New. Mine were both factory sealed and the boxes were perfect. These were probably in a corner in a far-flung warehouse somewhere. The battery was totally dead but that was remedied simply by charging for a few hours. These are a great deal, over $100 off original price.

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I bought one last time, and have been very happy with it. Mine does not shut off after a specific time on battery. The sound is good - as good or better than the speaker doc I was using for my iPad.

As another commenter stated, you can set “hands free” using the Alexa app. I had done that and our IT guy (I use it at work) said he did not want any Alexa or Google device that listens to be used as they could pick up confidential conversations. However, he did allow this after I turned hands free off.

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At the original $130 these were a very poor value. However, at $35, especially if you have Amazon Prime (be sure to log into Woot with the Amazon link, even if you have already linked your Amazon account or it won’t give you free shipping), these are a very solid buy.

  • Ours arrived in “as new” condition, but it was clear the box had been opened and the contents disturbed - perhaps to update the firmware?

  • They are shipped, “raw” in their retail packaging and the seal on the box was open - luckily nothing was missing.

  • Even tho you can turn on hands free Alexa on the Tap, we don’t tend to use it for full Alexa purposes. It does not have the multiple “far field microphones” and as a result is not as effective at listening for commands as other Alexa devices.

  • Our primary use case is bringing the Tap around to various places in our house to steam content - since its sound is superior to the 2nd gen Echo Dots we already have in several spots.

  • Feels very solidly built however, the sound quality itself, while OK, is not particularly clean - it sounds a bit muddy. Still fine for casual music listening tho, especially for the convenience.

  • The battery on ours was completely dead as advertised, but seems to have charged up and (so far) holds a charge.

We have zero regrets after paying $35 for it and are tempted to grab another, but will resist the urge to hoard. :wink:

I wish this would come back on sale again! I’m sorry I missed the deal. :*(

It has already appeared twice in about a month or two. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it show up again… but one supposes they’ll eventually run out of them!