Amazon Tap - Alexa-Enabled Portable BT Speaker

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Amazon Tap - Alexa-Enabled Portable BT Speaker
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Other than being portable what is the difference between this and an echo? Are speakers different and will it play Sirius XM?

Not much use for a Tap which you tap to use.

Please bring back the Echo Dot. Thanks.

Not quite true. When they first came out you had to push the button to talk to Alexa. Now, they have been updated and you can put them in hands-free mode, just like other Echo products.

Amazon released an update to the Tap’s firmware earlier this year that allows you to set it to activate without tapping anymore.

In settings you can enable the Tap to be hands-free to talk to Alexa without tapping the microphone button. Then it will work like other Alexa devices. You can link your accounts to use Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tunein Radio and SirusXM for music; fireTV and dish for video; and audible and kindle for books. You can even call and message people who also have Echo devices. The sound isn’t too bad.

This is probably the best woot I’ve seen. IMO my tap sounds way better than both my dot (obviously) AND the regular echo. The “Tap” part made sense considering it was portable… but it was limited. But yea, now that they allow you to always enable, this is the best echo of them all. Portable Echo is clutch for bringing it into the garage, backyard, even pseudo-camping (with phone tethering). Buying 3!

I have both the tap and the echo and if we are just looking at sound, there is no comparison - the echo wins hands down. But, the tap is no joke either. Love its portability and the sound is better than most other similar speakers.

I’ve got 2 Taps, and one Dot. The Taps all work fine with voice control, you don’t need to tap them, just say “Alexa, …” and they wake up.
The sound is better than the Dot and the Taps are also portable so you can take one outside into the yard or into the garage to play tunes while you putter about, as long as you’re in Wifi range. The main downside I have seen is that they tend to disconnect spontaneously from Wifi, even if left on their charging stands in the same spot in the house. It’s a pain to reconnect them to Wifi and they don’t seem reconnect on their own. You have to go into the Alexa app on your iPad or iPhone and reinitialize the Tap’s Wifi and also be close enough to the Tap to push the button on the Tap to put it in a Wifi pairing mode, then change your iPad Wifi connection to the Tap, etc. My Dot does not have this problem. I suspect Amazon could fix this with a software upgrade to have the Tap remember or locally store the Wifi info.

Another issue with the Tap is the messaging at this time does not work with the Tap. I have to use my Dot to send messages.

I’d tap that
(Someone had to say it)

They updated the software, so now you can enable always-on, so you don’t have to tap the button… though some folks may want to not have Echo listening all the time.

Does it work with the intercom feature?

We like ours and it sounds great, but it does not work as a multi-room device. If it did that, we’d like it even more.

Found my own answer.

It is not compatible with the drop in feature. The intercom is the feature that made the echo family interesting enough to me to buy some dots. I’m out on this one.

No audio output jack?

I feel like the big guy “hollows out” at some point… could be the placement too close to my wall or something. I don’t notice the same issue when I have the tap but I put it in various places. Still it’s no slouch and I think overall feature set makes it the better buy than any of them.

My kids love the tap. They can take it anywhere in the house and get the music they want. We’ve used it as an outdoor music speaker, too.

I did not know about enabling the tap so that it does not need to be, well, tapped for use. I will see if ours is updated.

There is only an audio input 3.5mm jack.