Amazon Tap - Alexa-Enabled Portable BT Speaker

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Amazon Tap - Alexa-Enabled Portable BT Speaker
Price: $54.99
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Condition: Certified Refurbished


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WHOO HOO BROKEN. RETURNED…Here you go baby Jeffry, Santa says go -x$&:confused:w your self

I bought the Amazon refurbished one last week for $50+free prime shipping. It came looking brand new. In box with the little wrappers around everything and all that. Works great. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Refurbished are sometimes better than new. Refurbished get checked for quality better. I know for electronics, I am apt to get refurbished at times for that reason.

I bought this last time. Was packaged like it was new. Great buy for our kitchen.

These things are fantastic.

It’s great to be able to take this thing around the house, back porch, or wherever I want. The always on Mic is pretty good at hearing me over music, and responds pretty well. The sound quality is on par with other cheaper Bluetooth speakers. There isn’t any bass at all, but for some tunes while I’m cooking or whatever it’s not bad. Putting this in a corner increases bass response quite a bit. It’s plenty loud enough to fill a room with sound.

My only complaint is that Amazon doesn’t support them like the Echo devices. They lack a few features. Mostly multiroom audio. If that’s not important to you, then I feel the tap is much nicer than the Echo or Dot.

The other thing they are missing is the “drop-in” functionality which allows it to be used like an intercom. I like the TAP, but you’re probably better off getting the $30 dot that has full echo functionality and pairing it with a bluetooth speaker of your choice (for better sound quality).

Brand new on Amazon $79.99. Refurbished on Amazon $89.99…odd.

Mine works great. There’s things the Tap cannot do and I ended up also getting an Echo Dot later. The Tap doesn’t support Drop in which is a sad waste and why not? It also only has a line in, not line out.

What it can do, If you have WIFI in your car you can bring it along to listen to music though it’s going to use it’s speakers not your car speakers. Then to work if that’s allowed.

Alexa has helped me with laundry as it supports multiple timers over Siri’s one at a time (I’d have to use my Iwatch as well). I also ended up getting Wink 2 hub and using Switchmate to turn lights on and off. Then an Ecobee thermostat during Cyber Monday. You can program to call her whatever to respond to and voice locks also scripted commands and scenes. So I tell her goodnight and all the lights go off and the air temp goes down. It’s also a nice alarm clock.

While you may be thinking of taking Tap with you as an alarm, I’m not going to bother with it. Unless you have a jailbroken phone or tethering plan or ability/device she’s a plan to keep reconnecting to wifi. Do it to your Work, Home, and Car all in the same day so you can be frustrated all in the same day and then she’ll remember even if you do have to power it down and up again sometimes.

I’m glad I got it to experiment with Alexa. It’s been an rewarding experience trading my privacy for comfort :-D. In all seriousness if you want to begin trying Alexa out, this might be the device for you to play with. But keep in mind it can’t do everything the Echo Dot can.

Brand New … $79.00

I bought mine in 2016 and love it! Most of my use is for Audible books and news, some music. Love the sleep timer and ability to set multiple alarms.

I’ve bought two more for friends and family.

Plus you can have Alexa read out loud any Kindle books you have. She’s not as naturally spoken as a professional reader on Audible, but it’s a nifty alternative in a pinch if you don’t have an Audible account but do have a Kindle.

To do this, log on to (or use the smartphone app) and select “Music, Video and Books” from the menu down the left side. Then at the top there will be a drop-down list of all the Echos, Dots, Taps, etc. that you have - use it to select the one you want to listen to. Finally, scroll down the page to the Books section and click on Kindle Books then the book you want Alexa to read aloud.

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

That’s what I did. Bought a Dot for cheap and put it on the nightstand. Then paired it with my Bose Soundlink Mini in the bathroom.

I keep my Tap in the bathroom and one of my favorite Saturday after long run rituals is my Audible book, a long hot shower. I have a Dot…okay three Dots, an Echo, and even a Show, but the Tap is great as a second or third device for the portability. We used it in the back all summer. It was great out by the fire pit. I have one Dot in my classroom and my husband has one in his. As a reward students get half hour of control over it (within reason).

Seriously, if I had a need, I’d pick another up. I just grabbed two Dots for gifts this Christmas.