Amazon Vinyl Coated Iron Kettlebell

Amazon Vinyl Coated Iron Kettlebell

55 lbs? How massive do these thing get?

55lbs is probably the heaviest in “ordinary” kettlebell sets, but by no means the max available.
I bought a 35lb amazon basics kettlebell w/o the vinyl jacket about a year ago, and it’s been great for adding variety to my workouts. Lately though I’ve been wishing I had something a little heavier, so this is tempting.

My only issue w/ my kettlebell when it arrived was that the inside of the handle had some pointy stalactite-esque imperfections from the casting/coating. They were sharp enough I was worried they might cut my hand, but a few strokes with a metal file smoothed them right out. I’ve had no issues since then and really like using it.

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My gym has 88 lb bells