AmazonBasics 24" Hardside Luggage

AmazonBasics 24" Hardside Luggage

Is the lock TSA compliant? It would be crazy for it not to be, but it’s not mentioned at all.

It has the red TSA-approved logo, so I would assume so.

Good morning. Yes, these are TSA compliant.

What does this warranty actually cover? If I break the wheel while rolling it in the airport, will it be covered?

Hi there. The warranty is linked. I don’t have information on the specifics.

Is this expandable?

Should have watched the stream.

What stream were you referring to when you posted this? Btw, bought this. Arriving today.

We had our own version of QVC on the day of the sale. Take a look:

You know my FAVORITE thing about WSN?

Because I don’t.
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Thanks, but video not loading.

Hmmmm. Can’t think that a twitch account would be required. It stays on the first screen for a bit.

It’s fine for me.

(And I am not using a temporary Twitch account to view it.)

Iffy link. Plays for a burst, then stops. Twitch account? Don’t even know what that is. I’m a net minimalist.

At what point does it stop by you?

Twitch account: An account for the video streaming website Twitch.

Okay. Played. Part of the problem was it took awhile before video and then sound both kick in due to copywright, blah-blah issues. Anyway, sorry who this might offend, but that is one of the most painful and obnoxious and so not amusing videos I have ever encountered. Could not stick with it. At least it could have been informative, a saving grace. How about show all three sizes, since you are selling 3 sizes? Show all the colors. And that laugh. This guy rivals the This Daily Deal dude for sheer revulsion. This could replace water-boarding. I’m out of here.

hehe. Fair feedback. We only had samples for one size. But to answer your question, yes it expands. Enough to hold an Instant Pot and almost enough to hold Lionel.