AmazonBasics 24" Hardside Luggage

AmazonBasics 24" Hardside Luggage

I need a suitcase for an upcoming trip, but have to pay for checked luggage… This is a shade too large to be considered “carry-on” with United… Bummed.

Check out the two piece set for $66, the smaller 20-inch piece is small enough to be a carry on. That said, I’m sure you can find just that piece on the Mothership for less if you have no use for the larger piece of the set.

I picked up a cheap hard sided carry on last year with the wheels and I’ll never go back.

Reviews on the mothership that aren’t positive mention the wheels are a major weak point of these. Looking over the warranty, not sure if they would be covered. Only one of the reviews mention getting it covered by warranty. Of the other 20 that mention wheel breakage, if they mention the warranty it is that it was denied due to the airport’s handling.

Shame, because I was about to pull the trigger. I’ve got a mountain of travel coming up this year and would love to pick up a new hardside for it.